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The many uses of an old vintage or antique wooden cupboard

The many uses of an old vintage or antique wooden cupboard

An art deco vintage cupboard - used as a linen cupboard
If you're anything like me, an extra cupboard in your house would never go amiss, and even better a vintage cupboard so that it brings style as well as space. The vintage look is in, and whether you have an entirely vintage styled home or you have a more modern style and are just looking to add something a bit different to your home interior, a classic vintage cabinet can provide the look as well as providing a versatile space to store almost anything. In my case, it's the clothes: they're everywhere, and I keep buying more - it's a bit of a problem of mine. A cupboard will not usually have space to hang clothes, but a good-sized one will have spacious shelves, which are great for storing clothes and shoes, making a nice alternative to a chest of drawers. Of course, not everyone has such an abundance of clothes as me, and you are not limited to clothes. For example, an old cupboard can also be known as a linen press, which is ideal for storing, well... linen. Placed in your bathroom, a smaller sized vintage cupboard can provide space for bed linen and towels, whilst adding a nice touch to your bathroom: a room which is perhaps not always so easy to introduce a vintage look to. Out with the bathroom, the vintage cupboard provides endless storage solutions in the living room and bedrooms: books, CDs, DVDs or toys. Many of our old vintage Indian cupboards are often brightly coloured, making an attractive toy cupboard for young children. The paint has usually been partially stripped or has worn over the years, giving that authentic shabby chic look whilst adding a splash of colour and life to any room.
'Shabby Chic' Large Blue Vintage Indian Cupboard
Such a coloured cabinet can also look particularly good in the kitchen and is an imaginative alternative to standard kitchen cupboards - a look tested and tried by Scaramanga owner, Carl Morenikeji, who last year bravely decided to remove his entire fitted kitchen and replace it with old mismatched Indian cabinets and vintage sideboards, with fantastic results (pictures and more information to come about this in a later blog post)! Large, small, with bright colours or classically beautiful teak; with wire mesh panels, glass panels or art-deco style wooden inlays... the variety of vintage wooden cupboards really is endless, and as a storage solution the limit is your imagination. Scaramanga's selection mirrors this variety, and we have several vintage cupboards available in different shapes and sizes - please see our website, facebook page or contact us for more information.
An antique vintage cupboard with glass pannelling - good for a display cabinet
A more classic, traditional vintage wooden cupboard
A Scaramanga Antique Cupboard with mesh panels
Another of Scaramanga's Old Vintage Cupboards
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