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Stylish Leather Bags for Back to School | by Scaramanga

Stylish Leather Bags for Back to School | by Scaramanga

Summer is over, time to head back to school. But fear not, our collection of leather bags will make it all a little more bearable...well, maybe not bearable, but stylish, definitely stylish. What's better than a stylish leather bag for school? One that will last for years to come, that is classically designed so it won't go out of style and will hold everything you need when you can ditch the books on the weekends. You can check off that list pretty quickly by shopping Scaramanga's range of women's leather bags and totes, let's have a look at some of our most popular back to school bags.

Leather Bags for School

We'll start with one of our best selling styles for no joke, almost 10 years now! It's our Overlander and we like the small for a school bag because it still holds a laptop in the front sleeve and folders, documents and books in the main zippered compartment, all without being too big and heavy! The long crossbody strap makes this leather satchel easy to carry as you can keep your hands free. All the pockets and compartments make it ideal to keep all your personal belongings safe and secure. The distressed leather gives it that unique look that will draw the attention of your friends and only gets better the longer you have it. Last, the top handle makes it easy to grab and go. leather bags for women back to school bags for girls Next, is our award-winning traditional school satchel. This beauty has just one compartment, exactly like the leather satchels from childhood. This beauty is a no-fuss must-have accessory as it's a classic fashion statement whilst being one of the most practical bags you can carry. Easily slip your laptop, folders, and books inside, close the flap and you're good to go! These classic satchels come in 4 different sizes, so you can the right size for you. Some students are carrying less and less to school these days, so our small satchel might be the perfect fit as it will hold a tablet and a couple smaller books. old school leather satchel old school satchels One of our newer styles is our leather backpack. This backpack has been incredibly popular since we got it as it suits all ages and styles. Who doesn't appreciate just how practical a backpack is? Then couple that with the unique style of our leather and voila, you've got the perfect leather backpack! Students will find this bag is great because they can keep their hands free. Additionally, they'll remain very comfortable whilst carrying their school load. This backpack is great for when you can drop the books and have some adventures on the weekends! It is a wonderful travel bag and run-around-time bag. Like all our bags, this one gets softer with age and use. leather backpack back to school scaramanga leather bags scaramanga leather bags Last is our newest bag, this tote bag just arrived this month. It's slim, easy to carry and just kind of the perfect classic tote bag. We've added interior pockets and one large exterior pockets to keep your little belongings from going straight to the bottom. Students are opting for a school tote bag because it's easy to slide a laptop and books inside. leather tote bag leather bag
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