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How to style Vintage Mirrors | by Scaramanga

How to style Vintage Mirrors | by Scaramanga

Simple tips to create space and style in your home.

Mirrors can achieve more than just a clear reflection. It has the ability to instantly grab your attention as soon as you step in to a room, and it can be a positive experience when styled correctly. Mirrors are a certainty in a regular household. However, you can use trickery and style to achieve character, and stand out from the crowd. It can be as simple as placing a large mirror in the middle of a room, to creating a feature wall.From antique mirrors to shabby chic, we are going to show you the best ways to achieve a spacious and on trend room to brighten your home and your day.

Vintage Mirrors

Decorating a fireplace mantle.

Placing mirrors above your mantle is a classic style trick. It gives the illusion of height and reflects characteristics of the opposite side of the room. Using more than one mirror that are varied in size can make a great statement. As you can see in this example, we have layered mirrors together in a symmetrical fashion to guide your eyes to the centre, making the mirror in the middle the focal point of the room. We have used contrasting colours to stand out from the neutral surroundings. The vintage style gives the room a personal touch and creates a comfortable, homely atmosphere.


Tall Mirrors to create space.

Integrating a large scale mirror in your home can create the illusion of more space. This is a perfect trick for a small room with a lot of potential. The mirror attracts the light from the windows near by which brightens the rest of the room. This is also great for a smaller room with restricting light. When your room decor is predominately warm colours, it can be very effective to use a mirror with cold colours to allow the mirror to take centre stage. At Scaramanga, we are a big fan of teak wood as it gives a traditional and vintage feel to the room.

Large Antique Mirror

Decorative Mirrors

An antique, decorative mirror in an entrance of a home can be a great warm welcome. It is key that you get the styling correct as this can be the first thing that visitors see, first impressions are always important. Our antique mirrors are unique and one of a kind. This is a perfect opportunity to reflect your personality and make a statement. A small vintage mirror with bright contrasting colours and decorative qualities can transform a bland room in to a dream.


Styling your bathroom wall

Many people believe that Bathrooms must be practical and simplistic. Adding a vintage feel to your bathroom can deliver a creative twist. We think your bathroom deserves the attention and vintage style that the other rooms in your home receive. Placing a mirror above your sink can centralise your room and give it a visually pleasing focal point. Bathrooms can have a lack of light due to their layout and restrictive windows. A mirror can attract light, and brighten the room.

eclectic vintage modern bathroom

Mirrors are quite clearly a must have in a home of today. When Styled correctly, they can reflect a masterpiece rather than a typical purpose of vanity. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for more of our quirky style tips and updates.

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