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Style + Storage = Scaramanga Side Tables

Style + Storage = Scaramanga Side Tables

A side table is a very functional piece of furniture, but ours won't sacrifice your style. It's positioned in a space that's usually small - next to a sofa, an armchair in a living room or bedroom and is used as storage of things you might use while sitting. In this article we'll make recommendations of Scaramanga side tables. Of course a simple flat table with legs might work, but if space really is scarce then having additional storage space, accessed through a door or drawers, below the top is make sense. Scaramanga's exciting new original vintage furniture spring arrivals include side tables and functional small tables that could be used all around the home. They vary in size from small simple wooden tables with a single drawer to larger elaborate tables with banks of drawers, hidden compartments and ornate handles. If you are looking for an eclectic style, where no one style or era dominates a space or room, then a vintage side table might work. They would not have been made as small tables for a living room, but probably as a merchant's table or desk. A true advocate of eclectic styling side tables can be swapped for with bedside tables if you want change the decor around your home.
A solid teak antique jewellery maker's work table A solid teak antique jewellery maker's work table
An alternative option might be a jewellery maker's desk or workbench. They have a rimmed top, so tools and materials do not roll off, and have a variety of smaller drawers for storing tools and materials. They are still widely used by jewelers and can be seen in many of India bustling traditional markets. Jewelers sit crossed-legged in front of the low tables and skillfully make elaborate pieces of gold and silver jewellery.
A authentic vintage merchant's table A authentic vintage merchant's table
A painted side table offers a more casual look to a living space. Giving a more lived-in feel. Of course you don't have to have a whole room with distressed shabby chic furniture. A couple of pastel coloured side tables beside a plain fabric covered or dark brown leather sofa crates a good contrast. You probably don't want too many similar textures or colours. Shop for coloured side tables with real character or a story. An original piece with authentic faded paint gives a more authentic look to a space - their tops will have been rubbed smooth by decades or use by their users and will have rounded and irregular edges and often pitted with marks and holes.
A vintage side table with character and a story to tell. A vintage side table with character and a story to tell.
Wooden side tables work well in more formal settings and the warm golden grain of solid teak is hard to beat as a durable natural wood. Create contrast with bright textured textiles or leather sofas and armchairs. Use their top as a base to create visual displays from your antique and vintage finds with flashes of contrasts with contemporary or modern decorative accessories like glass, metals like brass and copper and stone like marble.
A vintage school stool used as a side table A vintage school stool used as a side table
Using a vintage school stool works well where a simple wooden side table is the style you are looking for. There is still some storage space between its legs for books or even house plants and probably works better if you are looking to create visual displays and do not want to use too much of the top surface. After all you'll need some space for those wine glasses, coffee cups and table lamp! If you have more guests over for dinner than you have chairs then the stool can be requisitioned for sitting on. A simple small stool is also a lower cost option with stools for sale from just £45.
Make use of the space inside the stool to display and store books and decorative items Make use of the space inside the stool to display and store books and decorative items
Infuse a little industrial chic into a living room with a pair of authentic vintage storage boxes. Their well worn rustic appearance will give a room a flash of raw industrial might. They'll double as storage and can be used around the house r storage in so many other ways: toy boxes, kitchen for dry food, board games, tolls boxes, outdoor flower boxes ...
Simple styling with a nod to industrial design Simple styling with a nod to industrial design with two vintage wooden crates
If you want the functionality of side table, but want something different a storage chest would be a good alternative. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Like the merchants tables and jewellery makers tables they can be found in natural woods like teak, pine and oak or with a shabby chic faded paint finish. A wooden chest made from teak when paired with a leather sofa or arm chair will create a more traditional feel to a room. Conversely a painted chest will give a room a more informal 'lived in' feel. livingroom side table with storage All of our wooden side tables are restored vintage merchant's tables, they would have been used by shop owners, market traders and artisans to store money, notes, receipts, tools and materials. They would have sat crossed legged at the low tables and worked. Our low side tables are compact work spaces that were used by storekeepers and market traders for keeping their notes, receipts and money. With their original faded paint finish they can be used as displays for antique and vintage curios or as side tables in your living space.
Before and after restorsation Before and after restoration
Many traditional merchant's still use antique merchant chests and boxes to store money, record books and receipt books, personal documents and letters. They are a cross between a till, cash box and personal organiser. They often look quite plain from the outside, but can have decorative brass edging and corners and motifs or hand painting on front and top panels. On the inside they will usually have multiple compartments some with lids for storing their possessions, shelves and racks in their lids. any may have secret and hidden compartments! Fine examples made from teak will have up to 20 different compartments with hand-carved lids and handles, may be inlaid with brass and other woods. Our favourite old market in India is Sadar Market in Jodhpur. It's the perfect place to wander, get lost and see, smell and hear Indian street life. Scaramanga spend many hours discovering authentic vintage and antique chests, boxes and trunks. Each is handpicked are carefully restored by expert craftsmen. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
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