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Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

It is that time of year when Christmas has just past and your house can feel cluttered with all your new gifts. We wanted to give you our top tips on how to organise your home in a practical and stylish way. From Wooden Crates to brick moulds, we will give you storage solutions that will make your home feel less cluttered. antique wooden storage chest This storage chest is made from hard wearing teak that would make a fantastically sturdy storage box. Indian merchants and families would have originally used these authentic old wooden chests for keeping stationery, valuables, heirlooms, notes and records. You can use this beautiful chest as a blanket box to keep at the end of your bed. You can also keep all of your collectable objects in this piece of furniture, placing your most valuable objects in secret compartments. The vintage storage chest can also make a fantastic toy box. storage crate Wooden crates are a great way to store all of your home essentials in a stylistic way. You can use various storage boxes to display all of your favourite books and ornaments you have collected throughout the years. You can stack up to four boxes, allowing you to showcase all of your favourite objects all at once. This is also a perfect way to make your house less cluttered. You may feel like you are constantly stepping over toys after Christmas. Our vintage storage crates can make fantastic toy boxes. Our authentic vintage wooden storage boxes will guarantee years and years of use. pigeon hole cupboard The pigeon hole storage unit is a distinctive piece of furniture featuring cubby hole compartments to contain all of your small ornaments. Have you collected endless objects throughout the years that you feel are not getting enough justice in their current home? The pigeon hole storage cabinet is a great way to display your beloved pieces. This great piece of furniture would add some iconic functionality to your home. Store and display cups, books, or your personal treasures…the choice is yours. Scaramanga was very fortunate to source a selection of these pigeon hole display cabinets from Ladybank post office in Fife (Scotland). Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 23.08.03 Our traditional brick moulds can be a great way to store small home objects and letters. This style of tropical hardwood brick moulds once used for making mud or adobe bricks feature an internal show the maker's mark. Today these chunky, solid teak and iron moulds make great storage wooden storage boxes. storage boxes Whether you are looking for a vintage toy box to make your home feel less cluttered or a storage crate to keep all of your fruit and vegetables in the kitchen, Scaramanga have a wide range of furniture to help you organise your home in 2018.
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