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Storage Cupboards and Storage Cabinets

Storage Cupboards and Storage Cabinets

storage cupboard and cabinet We spend a lot of time hunting for storage cupboards and cabinets and every delivery we usually have a few large storage cupboards and cabinets. The best thing about them is that they are totally 100% original. Their size is means they can be used for lots of different things in different places around the home. They were originally used as kitchen storage cupboards in Indian homes. The upper glass panels would have been wire mesh used to allow air to circulate and keep flies off any food stored inside. Their height means their tops can be used for displaying other items. vintage storage cupboard Our favourite colour is undoubtly blue, but we find them painted green, white and turquoise too. We find them with the paintwork faded and where possible we leave the colour as we find it. Although it's tempting to make it look more distressed or add more paint and then partially remove it, we feel that it best to leave it as original as possible. Also it's pretty easy to spot 'fake distressing'. We instruct our restorers to simply: 'wash and wax'. We wash to remove any dirt and grime, then simply wax them to preserve and feed the wood. Of course we'll repair any damage and make sure they are structurally sound. This cabinet shows Moghul influences around the window frames with symmetrical layes of domes. blended local Islamic and Hindu building traditions with those of Central Asia and Iran and is known as Indo-Islamic architecture. The storage cabinets are always of a very simple design on stilted legs. blue storage cupboard cabinet The door opens to show a couple of shelves. In India kichens are still very traditional. Many still do not have electrical appliances. Even fridges, so food is prepared fresh daily. Tins and cannisters are used for storing dry foods like: peas, pulses and spices are stored in wall cabinets. These cabinets were used for storing food and tableware. Today storage cabinets like these are not likely to be used in a kitchen, but could be used as a livingroom storage cupboard for books, board games, DVDs and other tech equipment. Or as a storage cupboard in a child's bedroom for clothes and toys. it's not too large so could easily be moved around a house and be used in a spare room for guests.
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