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Statement Wall Art: Scaramanga Interior Trends

Statement Wall Art: Scaramanga Interior Trends

We are a big fan of the statement wall art trend at Scaramanga! Whether you have a vintage advertising board or dramatic photography, statement wall art can be a great way to create a beautiful focal point in a room in your home. If you are looking to make a strong statement in your home, art is a great way to do this. We encourage you to be bold and choose the biggest picture you can find. This will guarantee to create a unique and dramatic style. glam dark woods

Choose Art that Means Something to You

Statement wall art has a beautiful way of telling a story that is personal to each individual. Choose something that represents what is important to you and your family. The artwork shown above is a great example of this. This art work was sourced by our managing director from India and is the definition of culture and history. With bags of personality, this statement wall piece will guarantee to create a warm atmosphere in your home. The bold and contrasting colours demands your attention, making this picture the best focal point you can hope for. Handing a large art piece like this on the wall may concern you but you can simply lean it on your wall to avoid any damage. Placing this in the middle of the room will also create an impressive feature wall. If your room is filled with neutral colours, the warm colours in the painting will make it even more prominent. vintage statement art

Vintage Statement Wall Art Signs

This wonderfully colourful wooden lorry sign is a traditional statement wall art piece from Rajasthan in Northern India. The blend of colours and gorgeous Indian theme certainly catches your eye. We think this vintage sign would make a great up-cycled piece for your wall. Vintage signs like this are not as rare in India. They are regularly featuredI around rural India as signage banners for trucks and lorries. These rainbows of hand-painted colours are amongst India's most cheerful and iconic sights. Scramanga's recently happened upon a few of these unique one-of-a-kind truck signs. No two are the same and they make simple and highly effective wall-hangings. Great decorating living room, hallway wall or perhaps the interior of a contemporary retail environment. statement wall art

Statement Wall Art Perfect for Your Office

Are you looking for inspirational ways to decorate your office? A vintage map could be the perfect solution. This vibrant canvas map of the West Indies is a favourite at Scaramanga. While you are working hard in your office, you can also make a plan for your next holiday in the sun. This statement wall art method will give your room an educational feel that will give a great impression to quests visiting your home. statement wall art Statement wall art can be a cost effective way to give your home a bold and unique space. Whether you add a reclaimed truck sign, vintage photography, or educational poster, this trend will bring personality and vibrancy to your home. We are big fans of the statement wall art trend and we encourage you all to try it out on your home!
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