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Shabby Chic Furniture for Spring Storage

Shabby Chic Furniture for Spring Storage

Shabby Chic Furniture

If you're like us, then you love Shabby Chic Furniture. We have a great range to meet your spring storage needs including vintage wardrobes, antique wardrobes, vintage cabinets and cupboards. You'll enjoy the fact that each piece in our shabby chic furniture range is completely unique and one of a kind. These vintage wardrobes make a great feature or statement pieces for your bedroom or living room. Enjoy browsing some of our favourites below or consider browsing our selection on Pinterest for major Spring Home Decor inspo!

Vintage Wardrobe

This gorgeous vintage wardrobe will make a big impact in your home. Part of our shabby chic furniture range, this beautiful wardrobe is as beautiful as it is practical. All the interior compartments provide ample storage and will keep all your bits and organised (and hidden from guests!) That colour though! This gorgeous green is unlike any colour we've seen, it will complement a neutral design scheme or add to an eccentric one, it's a shabby chic furniture piece everyone can enjoy. vintage wardrobe shabby chic furniture vintage wardrobe shabby chic furniture


Another lovely Spring storage piece from our Shabby Chic Furniture collection is this cabinet or as we've called it a Vintage Linen Press Armoire. It is indeed a great storage solution for linen, but it could also be a TV cabinet. There is a lot of height between the shelves so you'll have enough space for a TV. This cabinet is finished in a rustic off-white latte colour which means it will easily fit into any room in your home. Our range of cabinets and cupboards is unlike any in the UK, from large to small, we've got a cabinet for every room in your home. Cabinet Shabby Chic Furniture Cabinet Shabby Chic Furniture

Vintage Cupboard

This wonderful vintage cupboard is truly a unique shabby chic piece of furniture. It's an old larder cupboard fitted with mesh sides and doors and sturdy wood craftsmanship. It has it's original blue paint from roughly 80 years ago, so time and age have left lovely little imperfections. We feel this character and charm to vintage furniture. This vintage cupboard will obviously work in a kitchen as a pantry or storage cupboard, but would also work in a bedroom, living room or hallway. It's a gorgeous piece that will make a real statement piece in your home. Vintage Cupboard Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby Chic Storage Cabinet

What a stunner this one is! You can use this shabby chic storage cabinet as a display cabinet for all your greenery, curios or anything you'd like to show off. There is something particularly elegant about the glass doors, right?! They have that ability turn whatever you store inside into extraordinary treasures. This eye-catching cabinet can easily be styled into any room in your home. So go, what are you waiting for! Shabby Chic Storage Cabinet Shabby Chic Furniture
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