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Scaramanga's Vintage Industrial Furniture

Scaramanga's Vintage Industrial Furniture

Vintage Industrial furniture is probably our favourite style of interiors these days! We find that a good mixture of interiors is always best; vintage pieces can take the coldness out of industrial furniture, while industrial pieces make vintage furniture a bit more modern. A perfect combination! All of the below pieces are available now, or similar items are linked. Our old vintage signs are truly unique; one, because they're authentic and two, some of them come off of old lorries as far away as India. Below you'll find a hand-carved and hand-painted wooden sign from a The Guarat Forest Department. The upcycled trolley table is a very unique coffee table, and one that is very much vintage industrial. We have a variety of retro light options that would complete any look. To add a little warmth, you could choose any of our colourful blankets. 16 Give yourself a vintage industrial office with an vintage desk first. Adorn it with vintage tote tins for perfect desk storage. You can add a retro lamp to top off the look easily. 12 A vintage school map is the key fixture for a vintage industrial look because the wooden frame complements metal very well. Here's a tip: decide on a colour theme and use it when you're mixing styles to give your overall look fluidity. 14 Vintage lockers are a great addition to any room as they provide ample storage and well, really cool. Vintage trunks are pretty easy to come by, but what makes some of ours stand out is the details, such as original writing on them. Check out our huge selection of vintage chests and trunks here. 8 Wouldn't a vintage chalkboard be amazing in your home? Whether it's in the kitchen or kids room, it's sure to look great! And no vintage industrial look is complete without the iconic metal folding chair. We have a variety of colours in stock and we also have a number of different sizes of vintage metal drums, which are the perfect industrial storage unit. 10 How about adding some old school furniture to your home? Get this look by using a vintage school desk as a side sofa table. We've upcycled a few different old gym horses to use as different coffee tables. 9 Now that you've seen some inspiration, check out our website find some vintage industrial pieces to add to your home, giving it a unique style!
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