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Scaramanga's Top Travel Picks

Scaramanga's Top Travel Picks

Vintage Leather Flight Bag, £84.50
As the days get longer and brighter, and the sun makes a welcome reappearance, Summer seems like it might finally be on the way. With the arrival of the warmer weather, thoughts immediately turn to holidays and weekends away, so here at Scaramanga, we’ve come up with our top picks to help you stay stylish on your journey.

Medium Overlander Leather Satchel, £130
Vintage Leather Flight Bag, £84.50
Vintage Leather Flight Bag, £84.50
The Bag

Whether you’re going away for a night or a long weekend, one thing is certain – you’re going to need a stylish bag to carry everything in. The Scaramanga medium overlander leather satchel, £130, or the large overlander leather satchel, £140, both have huge main compartments which measure a large 15cm deep and a further expandable front pocket, as well as side compartments designed to keep smaller items safe. If it’s hand luggage you’re after, our vintage leather flight bag, £84.50 is smaller than a regular travel bag, but roomy enough to stash away all of your essentials. The adjustable leather strap allows the bag to be worn across the body, leaving your hands free to juggle train tickets and boarding passes, while the external buckled pockets mean you can keep your mobile and keys to hand.

Leather Travel Wallet, £29.75
Leather Travel Wallet, £29.75
The Purses and Wallets

Once you’ve got your bag sorted, you’re going to need somewhere to keep your money and travel documents. Our leather travel wallet, £29.75, is made from the same beautiful leather as our vintage satchels and travel bags, and has enough pockets and compartments to keep everything safe. With space for a passport, tickets and credit cards, as well as a separate zipped compartment, our travel wallet is the ideal place to store all of your most important documents. If you want to keep some change apart from the rest of your money, the Scaramanga small leather travel purse, £3.25, is exactly what you’re looking for. Measuring a compact 12cmx8.5, but with enough room to keep some money and a few credit cards, it’s perfect to keep in even the smallest hand luggage.

Large Leather Travel Notebook, £16.50

Tropical Travel Journal, £6
The Notebooks and Journals

From week long camping expeditions to weekends in the city, you’re going to have plenty of memories and keepsakes you want to store away. Jot down your adventures in one of our travel journals, such as the leather travel journal, £16.50 – 40 pages of recycled cotton paper contained in a hand tooled leather cover make it the ideal place to store your thoughts and pictures, and the slim design means it will fit into the smallest of travel bags. For a more colourful design, try the Scaramanga tropical travel journal, £6, with the same compact design but a bright, retro printed cotton cover.

Vintage Leather Luggage Tag, £3
Woolly Blanket, £15
The Accessories

Here at Scaramanga, we think the only way to travel is in comfort, which is why we’ve put our woolly blanket, £15 on our list of essentials. Measuring a large 108cmx220, and available in a wide range of colours, these hugely versatile blankets can be used for anything, from bedding on a camping trip to a wrap during a long flight or train ride. Keep your luggage clearly labelled with a vintage leather luggage tag, £3 – available in either polished tan or distressed leather, these handmade leather tags will add a beautiful retro touch to any suitcase or travel bag. Finally, if you really can’t leave the technology at home, the Scaramanga iPad leather cover, £32.50, is handmade from strong buffalo leather, and will keep your iPad safe and protected, whether you’re on a plane, in a car, on the beach or sitting in a tent.

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