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Vintage Furniture Near Me | Our Guide To Vintage Furniture Part 1

Vintage Furniture Near Me | Our Guide To Vintage Furniture Part 1

vintage furniture near me Vintage Livingroom
Looking to give your living space a fresh look for Spring? Need a little inspiration? Scaramanga's Guide To Vintage Furniture might help. You no longer have to search, vintage furniture near me, we have you covered. It's this time of year that we start our spring cleaning to get our homes ready for Summer. There are simple ways that you can give your home a vintage upgrade without breaking the bank. We have put together some top tips to help you get the vintage home you've always dreamed of.

What era is vintage furniture really from?

The term ‘vintage’ is, somewhat problematically, very broad. On the one hand it can be defined as ‘old-fashioned and dated’, but on the other, it can also mean ‘of lasting interest and importance’ or ‘representative of the best’.

Ultimately, this is a matter of personal opinion, but one thing that is certain is the term refers to a group of objects of the same time period. Strictly speaking, ‘vintage’ refers to the mid 20th Century: the 1940’s and ‘50’s. In furniture and fashion it is used to refer to all sorts of furniture and interiors accessories, contemporary and old, original and reproductions. In addition, we encourage you to go vintage and think, is there any vintage furniture near me?

Vintage Design

Vintage design is associated with retro interiors, post-war design and mid-century pop art. It is a fabulously nostalgic look that many people, their parents or grand-parents remember fondly as simple, functional and a time of having to ‘make-do and mend’ during the war and post-war ration-book years.

However, it was also a time of visionary design, innovation and ingenuity. Previously mundane materials such as plywood, fibreglass, plastic and aluminium were transformed into design icons by Charles and Ray Eames, and, in 1932, Goerge Carwardine’s most recognisable Herbert Terry & Sons’ 1227 Anglepoise lamp.

Creating A Vintage Interior

A vintage interior design style is definitely not a difficult or expensive look to recreate in your home. Pick muted and pastel tones for backdrops and soft furnishings; the colour should not be identifiable as too contemporary and bright. Soft furnishings can inject patterns into a vintage scheme. For once embrace chintzy, rose or floral designs for cushion covers, throws, cushions, curtains and patchwork quilts.
1227 Anglepoise Lamp 1227 Anglepoise Lamp

The bright colours of the vintage era appeal to many people, so bring back these bold colours, along with abstract shapes and geometric patterns. Bright floral wall paper, especially with roses; enamelled pots and containers; black and brown Bakelite accessories such as telephones, radios, or small office equipment, like a desk fan; and brightly coloured plastic are just a few of many features of a vintage interior which you might consider incorporating into your own interior.

Aside from colour schemes, vintage accessories and furniture are also an essential to completing a fabulous vintage look. An Anglepoise or Handrill and Horstmann lamp would add a classic or industrial look to a vintage interior. Smaller items should be displayed in a corner cabinet or glass cabinet. It's time to search vintage furniture near me.

Vintage furniture styling is a mix and match of different looks and styles. Different types of wood or other materials like metal. White, off-white, or a coloured paint. Recreate a distressed look by applying natural wax to surfaces and edges that would normally wear naturally. Paint over the top, then rub down the waxed areas to create that ‘genuine’ distressed worn look.

A good example of 1950's furniture style that is in great demand is the retro diner furniture: retro stoves in various colours, retro refrigerators with a 50’s design e.g. Smeg, booth seating, bar stools and chrome tables. Such items are easily found both on the internet and in speciality design shops.

Ultimately, you should not be afraid to get creative: search places, consider items and match things together that you normally wouldn’t, so as to get a fresh take on each piece. Recycle old items to give them a modern function, stray from the beaten track, and mix things up. Choose the styles that you like best in order to create a vintage interior that is perfectly tailored to reflect your personality in your own home.

Part 2 - how and where to find vintage furniture and accessories

Part 3 - buying at auction

If you are looking for vintage furniture near me and would like further information on how you can transform your home, feel free to contact us now.
Old Wooden Chest With Vintage Accessories Old Wooden Chest With Vintage Accessories
Post War Vintage Kitchen Post War Vintage Kitchen
A Scaramanga vintage cabinet A Scaramanga vintage cabinet
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