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Scaramanga Vintage Wooden Trunks - Our Top Five

Scaramanga Vintage Wooden Trunks - Our Top Five

Vintage Wooden Trunks by Scaramanga
If you’re on the hunt for some great storage solutions, but your home is more vintage and retro than minimalist and modern, you’re going to want something a little more quirky than a set of plastic stacking boxes. Here at Scaramanga, we’ve got a wide range of hardwood chests and trunks, which vary in size and style – ideal for storing everything from mementos and make-up to books and blankets.

Old Art Deco Collection Box, £275

Old Collection Box, £275.00

If you’re looking for a quirky way to display books, or even a collection of precious items, you’re going to love the Scaramanga old collection box, £275. This art deco altar stand and collection box hails from a Roman Catholic Church in Southern India, and would have been used to collect funds in exchange for lighting a candle. Consisting of three shelves and two drawers, this beautiful box would be ideal positioned on top of a dressing table in a bedroom, and would make the perfect place to store anything from make up to accessories. Alternatively, stand it on top of a sideboard in the lounge, and use it to display favourite books and ornaments.

Hardwood Wooden Merchants Organiser, £175

Wooden Merchants Organiser, £175.00

Are you trying to find somewhere to store important papers or documents? Are you fed up with only being able to find cardboard ringbinders and plastic magazine racks? If you’re looking for storage that fits in with your retro style home, then the wooden merchants organiser, £175, is just what you’re looking for. Made from beautiful hardwood, this organiser has various pigeon holes, compartments and a lower drawer, making it the ideal place to keep anything from driving license papers to passports, and even old utility bills. Originally used by Indian merchants to keep their documents safe, this wonderful organiser even locks safely for your peace of mind.

Antique Hardwood Wedding Chest, £400
Antique Wedding Chest, £400.00

If you’re a keen crafter, you’ll know that it’s incredibly important to have a place for everything – nothing kills creativity faster than finding your supplies in a big jumble. Instead of reaching for stackable boxes, or old Tupperware, why not opt for our antique wedding chest, £400 – with several compartments and sections, it’s the ideal place to store your materials. This beautiful antique chest features an inlain front panel, small lower drawer, and removable top level with seven individual compartments, ideal for holding smaller items. Underneath is a larger compartment, perfectly suited to holding bulkier items, such as craft tools and larger accessories.

Vintage Wooden Money Box, £50
Vintage Money Box, £50.00

If you’re looking for a quirky way to keep track of your loose change, you’ll love our vintage money box, £50. This old Church moneybox is made from beautiful hardwood, and has the words, ‘Church Building Fund’ emblazoned across the front , while the back features a drop down panel for accessing your hard-earned cash. The ideal accessory for any vintage style room, from the lounge to a childs bedroom, this lovely wooden box is the ideal place to keep your money.

Vintage Hardwood Merchants Chest, £175
Old Merchants Chest, £175.00

Are you searching for somewhere to keep mementos and trinkets secure? Perhaps you’re looking for a jewellery box, but can’t find anything on the high street? Whether it’s accessories or memories you’re looking to store safely, the Scaramanga old merchants chest, £175 is the ideal place to hide your things. An old hardwood stationary chest, this beautiful box measures W60cmxD37xH33, and features several small removable compartments, ideal for holding smaller items such as cufflinks or jewellery. Underneath is a larger section, perfect for hiding away paperwork, precious photos and other meaningful items.

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