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Scaramanga - Top Five Picks for Parents

Scaramanga - Top Five Picks for Parents

T-Rex Canvas Bag, £4.50
Here at Scaramanga, we like to think we have a bit of something for everybody, and appeal to all ages and tastes. Every now and then, we write a post dedicated to one particular group of people, from teenagers to vintage lovers, and this time, it’s the turn of the parents. Whether you’ve just had a baby, and you’re searching for a nappy bag with style, or you’re the proud Mum or Dad to three young children, we’ve got something you’re bound to love.

Large Wide Leather Satchel, £85
1. Large Wide Leather Satchel, £85.00

Whether you’re expecting a baby, or you’ve got a brand new arrival, you’ll know by now that changing bags are a pretty tricky thing to buy if you’re a fan of classic vintage and retro design. Rather than opting for something covered in flowers, or with a limited lifespan, why not pick our large wide leather satchel, £85, which could also easily double as an overnight bag. The huge main compartment is bound to hold everything you could need for a day out with your young one, and the retro design means that you’re bound to carry on using it long after your child has outgrown it.

Blue Leather Saddlebag, £52
2. Blue Leather Saddlebag, £52.00

If you’re the parent to toddlers or older children, chances are you’re going to need to keep your hands free to carry unwanted toys, or to catch escapees. The Scaramanga blue leather saddlebag, £52, is the ideal accessory, and features an adjustable 55-inch shoulder strap, so the bag can be worn either over the shoulder or across the body. With dimensions that are smaller than our standard satchels, the saddlebag will hold all of your everyday essentials without being too bulky.

Woolly Blankets, £15
3. Woolly Blankets, £15.00

If you’re looking for an accessory that will grow with your child, look no further than our woolly blankets, £15. Available in either bold stripes or subdued pastel colours, these blankets are ideal in any number of situations ; to cover the floor so your baby can crawl and roll in comfort, or on the bed of an older child. Take them outside during the summer months on family picnics, or even make a den out of them – our blankets are one of our most versatile products.

Vintage Apple Crates, £82.50 for a set of three

4. T-Rex Canvas Bag, £4.50 and Vintage Apple Crates, £82.50 for a set of three

Everybody knows that babies and children come with an awful lot of stuff – from nappies to bedding, toys to books, suddenly it can seem like your home is full of things that need to find somewhere to live. Forget plastic boxes and boring cupboards, and instead store bulky items in our T-Rex canvas bag, £4.50 – featuring a colourful pop art design, and durable canvas sides, it’s the ideal place to tidy toys away at the end of the day. If you need to find somewhere to keep blankets, nappies and other bedding, our set of three vintage apple crates, £82.50 are the ideal place. Dating from the 1960s, and branded with the farmers name, they’ll add a practical and stylish retro touch to any nursery or childs bedroom.

Old Inlain Wooden Chest, £185

5. Old Inlain Wooden Chest, £185.00

Becoming a parent means you suddenly have an awful lot of memories and treasures that you want to keep safe – from pregnancy scans to photographs, first toys to drawings and artwork, it’s important to keep your mementos as secure as possible. Our old inlain wooden chest, £185, is the ideal place, and features a beautifully intricate design on the exterior surfaces, as well as a large main compartment large enough to hold everything you want to treasure forever.

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