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School Satchels - Invest In Old School Style With A Vintage Leather Satchel By Scaramanga

School Satchels - Invest In Old School Style With A Vintage Leather Satchel By Scaramanga

In a couple of weeks, kids all over the country will be removed from under their parents' feet and ushered back into classrooms as they begin another year of school. For some, it'll be their first time away from the safety of the nest, whereas others will be old hands at this learning malarkey. Whatever their age, why not soften the blow with a beautiful leather satchel from Scaramanga?
15 Inch Leather Satchel By Scaramanga £77
I remember when I was a child, harassing my long-suffering mother every August for a new bag in which to carry my schoolbooks (and, for several months in year 8, a squashed banana). It was the done thing to change your bag on an annual basis, so the nylon backpacks I carted around every day rarely stood the test of time. If only Scaramanga had existed back then, I could have been the proud owner of one of their vintage leather satchels, which would have lasted me years and saved poor mother many pounds. The classic design of bags such as their 13 Inch leather satchel means they won't date, and the sturdy leather will only get more attractive with age. Leather satchels have long been an ever-present feature in the school bag market, and for good reason – they're practical and handsome in equal measure. Best of all is the massive selection on offer. A quick browse around the Scaramanga shop will reveal a wide range of satchels, overlanders and messenger bags in all shapes and sizes, and with the largest being 18” by 14”, there's definitely enough room for even the heaviest of textbooks. Fortunately, all the bags have a broad leather strap to ensure that they're as comfortable as possible (and there's no danger of it snapping when they're running for the bus). With prices ranging from £35 to just over £100, these bags won't break the bank – even the most expensive will last for so long you'll definitely get your money's worth. Their top selling leather school bag is their 15 inch school satchel large enough for a 15 inch laptop / Mac Book A4 files or books and much more. And instead of running around several retailers, why not make Scaramanga your one stop shop for kitting out your kids? As well as their fantastic selection of bags, they also offer pencil cases, purses and journals, and soon they'll be adding laptop covers to that list. The journals come in three ranges: leather, silky sari and fabric, all of which are available in a multitude of sizes and colours, and many of the larger leather journals come with a free leather notebook.
Brown Leather Journal £6
The range of purses and pencil cases is also extensive, so you'll be able to kit out the whole family without any arguments. Far from looking like they've tried too hard to match everything, the distressed vintage leather of a Scaramanga product makes each one individual and unique (just like your little ones). Delivery is quick and affordable, so if you order a bag now you'll be sure to receive it before term begins – meaning no last minute panic! And with the amount you'll save in years to come by not having to endure the annual shopping trip for yet another nylon backpack, you could even treat yourself to your very own Scaramanga bag.
Vintage Leather Pencil Case £5
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