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Leather Satchels, Messenger Bags & Travel Bags - Classic British Design By Scaramanga

Leather Satchels, Messenger Bags & Travel Bags - Classic British Design By Scaramanga

Scaramanga's Largest Travel Bag - Large Overlander
Some Scaramanga customers may not be aware that we've been designing and making leather satchels and travel bags for several years now. In fact we were one of a very small number of stores selling their own handmade leather satchels almost five years ago. We've used this knowledge, valuable customer feedback and years of experience to bring a wider variety of quality classically styled leather satchels, messenger bags and vintage inspired travel bags, so if you like classic British design and traditional craftsmanship then you'll love Scaramanga's leather satchels, messenger bags and travel bags. Here's a short interview with one of our first leather bag customers, Rev. Andy Pakula - A Scaramanga pioneer! Carl Morenikeji: You may not know it, but you were one of our first leather bag customers back in 2006! Andy Pakula: I'm proud of my early adopter status! CM: We are really keen to hear from our older customers with older Scaramanga bags - how is your bag getting on? AP: Well I'm sure you don't mean "older customers"! (Although getting older is a fair description...) My bag is weathering the years quite well! The bag is quite solid and sound. In fact, I think it looks better now than when it was new! CM: What do you use your bag for? AP: The advent of iPads has actually made my leather bag much more useful. When I tended to carry a laptop around, I needed a big rucksack. Now, I carry my iPad in my bag and take it just about everywhere. It also always includes papers I am (or should be!) working on, keys, business cards, my backup battery, pencils and pens, etc. CM: Since buying the bag what has your experience of dealing with Scaramanga been? AP:You have always been quick to respond to emails and generous in rapid replacement of worn parts CM: Yes, we know that the small magnetic fasteners that hold the flap to the bag have come off (we have sent Andy a new set of stronger fasteners, whch can be fitted in less than 30 seconds), have you had any other problems with the bag? AP: No other problems whatsoever except with the magnetic closures - which you have always been quick to replace at no cost. CM: We think you are a bit of a leather manbag pioneer - there weren't too many men carrying leather bags around 5 years ago! Any words of advice or tips for guys hesitating about being seen with a shoulder bag? AP: I didn't think myself terribly pioneering, but there you go... Carrying a leather satchel or messenger bag is now extremely well-accepted. I never ever got any grief for it. In fact, I regularly got compliments and was happy to say what a great deal I got from you guys! CM: We're hoping to get a photo of Andy's bag. It would be great to show customers what their bag may look like after five years! AP: I'll try to send something soon. I would simply say though that it looks as good or better than the day I received it. It's got wet in the rain many times. It seems to shrug it off and get better for the challenge! (and therein lies a possible sermon!)
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