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Scaramanga | An Original Lifestyle

Scaramanga | An Original Lifestyle

Be Original

Representing originality is important to us at Scaramanga. We work hard to design bags that allows you to show off your unique style. Whether you are a keen adventurer, a dedicated business man, or love to live in the moment, we have bags that you can make your own. We have loved growing with our customers over the years and learning how to develop designs that screams originality. original original

The Britt Tote Bag

The Britt tote bag is the perfect bag for everyday use. Great for enjoying a shopping trip with your friends or carrying all of your essentials to University. The likely small marks created by the natural leather makes the tote unique and one of a kind. No one can steal your style! Fit everything you need for the day, including your laptop and daily essentials. To make the tote bag even more unique, we have added a front pocket to store your keys. You no longer have to dig through your bag for longer than necessary! original

original Represent Your Style At Work

Work doesn't have to be uniformed! You can update your style without breaking the rules. The leather Citylander is a perfect example of this. The practical and professional design will give you the ideal business look required for working life. The distressed hunter leather is the touch of originality that we love at Scaramanga. The leather brings the bag to life, giving you the opportunity to represent your personality perfectly. This laptop bag will give you a spring in your step while traveling to work. original original

The Ella Saddle Bag

We have taken the simple concept of a saddle bag and maximised it to make this handbag the dream accessory for women. The larger design will allow you to fit everything you need for the day. The handy clasp fastener was designed so you can access your belongings whenever you want. The distressed and chic style will most definitely create bag envy when carrying this original saddle bag around town. original

For All The Adventurers

The leather duffle bag is a gorgeous design that will catch eyes throughout your journey. We've designed this new leather duffle bag for those who like to travel in style. The durable travel bag will also allow you to carry weight in a comfortable way. The large compartment has enough space for clothes for a weekend away. We have also included an internal divider so you can keep your laptop securely fastened while traveling. Team Scaramanga encourage you to stand out from the crowd and represent a style that you are proud of. Choose a bag that will make your daily adventures that more exciting. Wear a bag that represents your personality at work. Whatever you are looking for, we have you covered!
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