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Scaramanga - Once Upon a Dream

Scaramanga - Once Upon a Dream

What would happen if your favourite Bond villain teamed up with your favourite Disney villain? An unexpected partnership maybe, but you can bet there would twice as much drama and excitement. We are proud to announce that Scaramanga is featured in the new Angelina Jolie movie Maleficent! Get the 'Maleficent Medieval Look' at Scaramanga !

Scaramanga trunks on set - Maleficent movie cropped

YEP, those are Scaramanga chests there on the bottom right in one of the pictures from the film set! We are so proud and have waited almost 2 years to see our pieces in what looks like a fanastic film. We were asked for medieval pieces that had an element of fantasy. We didn't have to look far to give them a selection of dark wooden chests with brass banding, metal bowls and pots, floral cushions. The original, animated Maleficent has been hailed as a character that oozes elegance and style and in this magical, archaic world our vintage and antique trunks and chests fit in just perfectly. You'll find similar items to the original pieces we gave them. Maleficent features in various adaptations of the Sleeping Beauty story; from an originally nameless wicked fairy in fairy tale and folk lore to the iconic Disney animation (also named as the Mistress of All Evil!) and now a striking anti-heroine portrayed by the lovely Angelina Jolie. Below is a beautiful old rosewood chest with metal branding, similar to those which are used by Angelina Jolie: thumb_3095-3thumb_3095-2thumb_3095-6 Part of what makes our trunks and chests so special is the fact that they are authentic, vintage pieces which were used and loved for a long time before being lost in time and re-discovered by us. We can speculate where they have been and what was stored inside, but just like our favourite fairy-tale villains, there’s a story behind each and every piece that we may never know for sure. We like to think Maleficent would have kept her things in this beautiful trinket box: thumb_wocs80695-2thumb_wocs80695-6thumb_wocs80695-4 Just like the character Maleficent, our trunks become more beautiful and distinctive the more they are used and the longer they age. Like most iconic villains, our trunks come in all shapes and sizes and from various walks of life. The patina on this dark wooden trunk only comes froms decades of waxing and polishing: thumb_wooden-chest-3619-2 thumb_wooden-chest-3619-5 thumb_wooden-chest-3619-6 Along with the trunks the film set also wanted old textiles, so we gave them these wonderful Banjara cushions; we can't wait to see these colours pop in the moody environment of Maleficent: (follow the link to read about the history of these cushions) thumb_banjara-c100-1a thumb_banjara-c100-2 thumb_banjara-c100-3 The Tikka Pots were a nice addition to the selection of items they took because they can fit in with various designs and genres: thumb_OWIS60285-1 thumb_OWIS60285-2 thumb_OWIS60285-3

Get the 'Maleficent Medieval look' right here at Scaramanga with these irresistable pieces sure to attract villians and heros alike:eofrn70072-1b



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