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Scaramanga Loves Colour

Scaramanga Loves Colour

Red Leather iPad Satchel, £65
Short days, grey skies and the never-ending rain all make February a pretty bleak month – but here at Scaramanga, we’ve got a huge range of stock in bright colours and eye-popping shades that all help to brighten up even the darkest days. From neon vintage lighting to gloriously colourful leather satchels and bags, our colourful accessories and homewares will help you to stay happy until Spring!

Fulani Placemats, £10

Fulani Placemats, £10.00

Neon brights are incredibly popular at the moment, which is why our first pick has got to be the Scaramanga Fulani placemats, £10. Handwoven by tribeswomen in Northern Nigeria, these placemats are incredibly hardwearing, making them ideal for standing pots, pans and plates on, while the bright pink and turquoise detailing will add a lovely zing to your kitchen or dining room.

15 Inch Yellow Leather Satchel, £99

15 Inch Yellow Leather Satchel with Pocket, £99.00

If you’re looking to add a bit of colour to your wardrobe, our yellow leather satchel, £99, will certainly tick all the boxes; handmade in the traditional style by skilled leatherworkers, and then given a modern colourful twist, it’ll make your morning journey far more cheerful. Designed around school satchels from the mid-twentieth century, our brightly coloured leather bag features a large main compartment, adjustable strap and front pocket, and has an impressive finish that will almost certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

Old School Plastic Children's Chairs, £20

Old School Plastic Children’s Chairs, £20.00

Ideal for anyone who loves all things colourful, vintage and retro, the Scaramanga old school plastic children’s chairs, £20, are great for nurseries, playrooms and crafting areas designed for young people. Once used in schools, these wonderful little chairs are made from sturdy tubular steel frames and plastic seating, and have a seat height of 30cm; ideal for sitting at a table and whiling away the hours crafting, drawing or building.

11 Inch Purple Leather Satchel, £70

11 Inch Purple Leather Satchel, £70.00

If you like your accessories with a bit of an edge, our 11 inch purple leather satchel, £70, will add a subtle pop of colour to your wardrobe, without making you stand out too much. Ideal for people who like their bags to whisper rather than shout, this beautiful purple bag measures W27.5cmxD6xH20, and is the perfect size for carrying any daily essentials; the small front pocket is a great place to keep your mobile phone or keys, while the adjustable strap means it can be worn either as a shoulder bag or across the body.

Mid-century Orange Industrial Desk Lamp, £110

Mid-Century Industrial Desk Lamp, £110.00

Adding colour to your home couldn’t be easier; a cushion here, a rug there – it’s just a case of mixing and matching. But if you want to bring something really eclectic in, and you’re a lover of anything vintage, check out the Scaramanga mid-century industrial desk lamp, £110. Finished in bright orange, with a plastic shade and metal body, this lamp dates from the 1960’s, and would be ideal for anyone who has a love of mid-century styling. With a clamp fixing, it can be attached to a table or shelf for easy reach, and reaches an impressive 84cm in height.

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