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SCARAMANGA LEATHER SATCHELS - The Ultimate Festival Accessories

SCARAMANGA LEATHER SATCHELS - The Ultimate Festival Accessories

Scaramanga Leather Satchels Essential Festival Accessories
It is a truth universally acknowledged that the larger the bag, the more it will carry. However, the problems with the majority of large bags are twofold. 1) They are usually just one massive cavity in which you will spend approximately 50% of your time rooting around to find the one thing you need (which is always the last thing your grasping hand will find, having previously groped every other neighbouring item. Twice). 2) They are mostly very ugly. The modern day festival-goer has some steep competition when it comes to looking good. Around a month before festival season begins, high street brands in league with glossy magazines will begin their assault on the purses of innocents, leaving many people bewildered, confused, and unsure where to turn. One of the biggest problems which the average festival-goer will encounter is that of the day bag. Backpack or bum-bag? Shopper or sporran? Fretting over such an issue may exhaust you long before you’ve even thought about tent assembly. But don’t worry; all problems have a solution, and the answer in this case lies in the leather satchel. Or more specifically, Scaramanga’s range of vintage men's and womenr's leather satchels. Their satchels have been seen at festivals around the world over the last five years. If you’ve ever seen a bag and thought ‘It would be perfect, if only it were a bit bigger/smaller/better quality/less likely to bankrupt me’, then your luck is well and truly in. For Scaramanga specialise in British designed antique leather satchels, and they’re available in all shapes and sizes for girls and guys alike.
Large Wide Leather Satchel
From the micro leather satchel (£37.50) to the large Overlander leather bag (£107.50), there's a wide range for every budget and capacity requirement. Want a little pocket on the front so you can easily access your phone/the key to the padlock you've used to lock your tent? No problem! Fancy a little handle on top in case you feel like your shoulders are doing too much carrying and you want to give your hands a go? Of course! Need a dozen different pockets and compartments to keep your sun cream separate from your galoshes? You’ve got it! The distressed leather look makes each bag as individual as you are, and the high quality workmanship which has gone into the design process is evident in the strong stitching and attention to detail. Each Scaramanga satchel has a wide leather strap so you can easily wear it all day long - ideal when you’re lugging stuff from car to campsite and your back is occupied by the largest rucksack you’ve ever seen, or for later when you need both hands free for holding onto your friends and your beverage at the same time as you make your way to the front of the crowds to see your favourite band. And the best part? Unlike the practical-yet-not-aesthetically-pleasing backpack, these satchels will look just as good on the streets of everyday life as they do in a muddy field, so you'll be guaranteed to get plenty of use out of one long after the final overpriced beer has been consumed and the last tent peg pulled from the ground.
Girl's Leather Satchel £55 By Scaramanga
Men's Leather Satchel £62
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