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Scaramanga Leather Accessories + Photographer @supposedformer

Scaramanga Leather Accessories + Photographer @supposedformer

Our popular and highly coveted leather accessories teamed up with photographer Jonas Barrozo (@supposedformer) for some amazing images that highlight our unique distressed leather and exclusive original designs. We have a large selection of leather accessories for men and women that will make excellent and practical gifts this Christmas.
Scaramanga Leather Purse Our Leather Purse has a classic and functional design, with the distressed leather finish adding a touch of originality
Scaramanga Leather Pencil Case Our Leather Pencil Case looking gorgeous - perfect for keeping your things organised without compromising on style
Scaramanga Men's Leather Wallet Who doesn't love a real Leather Wallet? Ours has plenty of space for cards, notes and travel tickets, and also has a transparent compartment for ID or and Oyster Card. Also available in Black Leather.
Scaramanga Leather Wallet Our extremely cute Mini Brown Leather Wallet is the ideal size for your pocket, yet has space for cards, coins and folded notes.
Scaramanga Leather Flight Bag Be ready for any adventure with our Large Leather Flightbag. With a large internal compartment and 4 external pockets there is plenty of room for all your essentials.
Scaramanga Leather Backpack Our most adorable bag to date, the Mini Boho Backpack, styled and photographed by @supposedformer
Scaramanga Leather Purse Our Leather Purse (also available in black) has space for cards, notes and coins. It also looks pretty. Win win!
Scaramanga Leather Holdall Styled and photographed by @supposedformer - our Large Leather Holdall is the weekend bag you've always dreamed of...
Scaramanga Leather Luggage Tag ...especially paired with one of our Vintage Leather Luggage Tags.
Scaramanga Leather Wallet All original, all leather, all available here.
Scaramanga Leather Wallet
Scaramanga Leather Satchel Small Leather Satchel will fit all of your day-to-day stuff without looking bulky - practicality meets style.
Scaramanga Leather Wallet
Scaramanga Leather Satchel Our Medium Retro Satchel is a beautiful slender style, ensuring you can carry everything you need without being unnecessarily weighed down.
Scaramanga Handmade Leather Bags Scaramanga squad.
Scaramanga Leather Clutch Bag Although we call this a Tablet Case, it can be used for any purpose you want, such as storing documents, tools, make-up, or even as a clutch bag. And of course, tablets.
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