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Scaramanga Jungalow Decor | by Scaramanga

Scaramanga Jungalow Decor | by Scaramanga

Boho Jungalow Decor by Scaramanga

Jump into the exotic escapism of 2017’s hottest décor trend: Jungalow. With colours, prints and greenery being central themes, Jungalow is the ideal refresher for Spring, bringing warmth and texture together to create an eclectic boho vibe. This trend is an easy way to get on board with “Greenery” (Pantone’s Colour of the Year) and also incorporates other big decor trends named for this year such as mixed patterns, loads of texture and organic materials. Grab a couple of house plants and some bright patterned wallpaper and you are pretty much there!

See our top picks for creating your own Scaramanga Jungalow decor space easily and affordably.

Vintage Bottle Crates

Our rustic crates make storage easy and stylish. Stack 'em up on the floor or use them as a shelf tidy. The vintage branding on our Citra crates adds a playful touch. Teak Stool We love our solid teak stools as breakfast bar seating, but the lower ones are also great as bedside or coffee tables. Add some colourful coasters or a cute potted plant and they tie right into the Jungalow trend. Vintage Green Wooden Chest We have a large selection of Vintage Chests and Boxes which are ideal as coffee tables come storage boxes - see our blog post on this here. They all have their own unique history and we have beautifully restored them so they are back to looking their best. Our colourful painted items make an excellent statement piece in any room. The Jungalow decor trend is all about colour and texture, so the more distressed looking the better! Shabby Chic White Cabinet Scaramang This solid teak white painted cabinet is ideal for any bedroom, kitchen or living area. Though it is a large statement piece, the colour is timeless and is a great base for adding lots of texture and pattern using smaller interior items. Vintage Map Scaramanga Combining the green tones with the texture of the relief detail, Scaramanga's vintage maps are an original way to add colour and dimension to any wall space. Be inspired by the vibrancy and suggestion of adventure and get exotic with your interiors. Vintage Kantha Blanket by ScaramangaScaramanga's vintage Kantha blankets are made from gorgeous bold layers of cotton, handstitched together to make colourful quilts. We've chosen the green-yellow hues to go with our Jungalow theme. They look beautiful thrown over a chair or bed, or even as a wall hanging to really bring colour to your space. Vintage Brass Lassi Cups The authentic motifs and patterns on our Lassi cups make them the ideal affordable Jungalow interior. They are authentic pieces and would have originally been used to drink Lassi - a spiced yoghurt drink. Having taken on a beautiful burnished patina, we would recommend them as candle holders, mini plant pots (for all those succulents!), pen pots, toothbrush holders...the list goes on. Rustic Stone Bowls by Scaramanga Scaramanga's stone bowls are made from original marble, so have a beautiful natural finish. Organic materials are a big decor trend this year, so make sure to check out the various sizes of our bowls and get on board. They look so pretty as fruit bowls, candle holders, or catch all bowls for keys. Vintage White Mirror Hints of the original green paintwork can still be seen on this lovely distressed white mirror, bringing character and boho style. Scaramanga mirrors are all unique, so you can rest assured that your colourful furniture is one of a kind.Vintage Chest of Drawers Originally, this striking chest of drawers would have been used as a Merchant's Cabinet. The deep teak patina and rustic scalloped handles give this piece a charming quality, with the rich brown being the ideal companion to bright greens and prints. Your interiors can really be tied together by larger pieces, which can be styled to fit your current trend, in this case Jungalow decor. Floral Handstitched Cushion CoverOur colourful handstitched cushion covers and bedcovers are an easy way to refresh your decor. These cushion covers feature tropical birds and exotic flowers, so they are perfect for the Jungalow trend. Mix and match the patterns and colours for maximum impact. We are in love with this decor trend: the texture, colour and mixture of patterns are all themes that we hold dear as a company! Jungalow is about having fun with your interiors and expressing a vibe that is playful and eclectic. Save
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