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Scaramanga for Parents: Our Top Five

Scaramanga for Parents: Our Top Five

Vintage Rocking Horse, £150
Whether you’re already a parent, or you’re expecting your first arrival in the next few months, you’re probably already familiar with the lists of ‘must-haves’ made by various companies; from that essential baby equipment (which usually isn’t essential at all!) to bizarre accessories that you’ll never use, the things you’ll be bombarded with can be seemingly endless. Here at Scaramanga, we believe in simplicity, quality and versatility, so we’ve made a list of our favourite items of stock that are perfect for parents – ideal for both the young and young at heart!
Green Wall Shelf, £120

Green Wall Shelf, £120.00

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to display odds and ends in a child’s room or nursery, or you simply want to keep your most special things away from inquisitive little hands, a shelving unit can be invaluable. Our green wall shelf, £120, is ideal; originally used in the kitchen, this tropical hardwood unit is finished in a bright green colour, and is perfect for holding anything from books to collections. We really love its versatility; the unit is reversible, meaning that the supporting strips can face outwards- making it ideal as a front facing bookshelf for the youngsters.

Red Leather 15 Inch Satchel, £99
Yellow Leather 15 Inch Satchel, £99

Classic 15 Inch Leather Satchels, £99.00

Forget dedicated nappy bags with their generic prints and limited lifespan; a Scaramanga satchel will hold everything you could possibly need, and will still be useful way after your children have finished with nappies. Available in a wide range of colours, including sunny yellow and eye-popping red, our 15 inch satchels have a spacious main compartment and an extra front pocket, making them ideal to hold everything from nappies and bottles to snacks and drinks, and everything in between. The 130cm strap is adjustable, meaning it can be worn either over the shoulder or across the body for those hands-free moments, or even hung easily across the handle of the buggy.

Vintage Rocking Horse, £150

Vintage Rocking Horse, £150.00

If you’re a fan of all things vintage and retro, you’re bound to love one of our quirkiest items in stock at the moment – our vintage rocking horse, £150. Great for toddlers who can climb on and use it as a toy, or as a lovely unique feature in a nursery, this beautiful horse is made from pine and dates from the 1970s – a true retro classic. With a wonderfully solid construction, and a comfortable vinyl seat, it’s bound to see your children through their young years and beyond.

Old School Chairs, £60

Old School Chairs, £60.00 for a Set of Three

With small children comes small furniture, and they don’t get much smaller than our old school chairs, £60.00. Available in a set of three, these lovely chairs date from the 1960s, and were originally used in a primary school; made from plywood and metal tubular frames, they’re designed to be sturdier than modern plastic, and we think they look a lot better as well. Ideal to use in a child’s craft area, or as a dedicated space for homework, we guarantee that these lovely chairs will become a well loved part of any child’s bedroom.

Canvas Shopping Bags, £4.50

Canvas Shopping Bags, £4.50

Whether you’re heading off for a day out, or just to the shops, as soon as you have children, you seem to have to take an incredible amount of stuff with you. Aside from the usual nappy bag, there’s also blankets, toys and spare clothes to consider, so why not invest in a couple of our canvas shopping bags, £4.50 to keep everything neat and organised? Available in a wide variety of designs, these tough but flexible bags are ideal for carrying excess baggage, or even as storage at home for chunky items such as bricks or play food.

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