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Scaramanga Focuses on Bohemian Decor

Scaramanga Focuses on Bohemian Decor

There is something just magical and dreamy about Bohemian decor, isn't there? The colours, the lights, the comfort, it all feels very warm and inviting. We've gathered a few of our favourite looks from Pinterest and paired them with some of our products so you can get your own Bohemian look. First, some general decor ideas. Decorating your home isn't all or nothing, so you don't have to have to have a 100% 'vintage' home or only 'mid-century' furniture. An eclectic home is more realistic as we get furniture and home wares from so many different places. Be creative and don't be afraid to mix and match. We always say buy what you love and make it work, you'll be much happier with what you acquire. Colour, do colour. A Bohemian home is colourful. Fill a corner or a sofa with some colourful cushions and throws. Think less about matching and more about colours or patterns that complement. This lovely little reading nook has a variety of colours and patterns:
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These Banjara vintage cushions would be a perfect addition to any collection of Bohemian pillows you want to start or add to: banjara-c100-1a Distressed, do distressed. There is something about Bohemian decor that beckons a distressed look. A distressed piece looks loved and unpretentious and fits in with a this particular style because it feels more creative and eclectic. This house is full of colour and showcases a distressed wardrobe perfectly:
This Blue Vintage Armoir would work perfectly in a Bohemian-styled room, any room in fact: cabs30501-1 Natural, do natural. Natural wood pieces work really well in Bohemian room because they complement all colours and this style is one that works with nature, rather than against it. This bedroom side table is a perfect example:
Our Antique Trunk Side Tables would make a wonderful addition to any colorfully decorated room you have: TCBS40233-3 Get low. Low tables suggest sitting on the floor, relaxing, so of course you find low table in a Bohemian house. They really force people to get comfortable, lie back and enjoy a cup a tea. This beautiful picture is an ideal set up for a low table:
This this traditional Bohemian look with one of our authentic Antique Grain Grinding Tables: tcbs40032-2a
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