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Scaramanga Festival Bags

Scaramanga Festival Bags

There are still a few more festivals of the summer, do you have the perfect bag? What is the perfect bag? Let's examine the criteria. It must be stylish, because festivals are more like runway shows now. It must be the right size, big enough for the essentials of the day, but small enough to not get in the way as you discover moves you never knew you had. It must be able to go across the body so you can keep your hands free. It must be durable for any weather you might encounter. Then, it must not be too expensive just in case you misplace it, right? Last, after the fun ends and you go back to your academic or professional life, you want to still be able to use the bag, so considering all this, we are confident you will want a satchel for your next festival. Our Classic Leather Satchel comes in three different sizes, have a look!

1. Classic 14.5" Leather Satchel: This size leather satchel will allow you to carry everything you might need for the day. You can fit your essentials, such as purse, phone, lipgloss, keys, sunscreen, water bottle + a jumper and umbrella. Perfect! After the fun, carry your 15" laptop and A4 folders to work or class and enjoy it for years to come. As most bags come in and out of fashion, the satchel is a classic.


2. 13" Classic Leather Satchel: This medium size leather satchel will still fit all the essentials + an umbrella. So tie your jumper around your waist and keep your hands free as you carry this light weight bag that is incredibly durable.


3. 11.5 Classic Leather Satchel: The 11.5" leather satchel might be the smallest, but you just might find that is the perfect size for you. You can enjoy feeling like you're not carrying anything around with you and feel free to enjoy dancing to the music with this fabulous satchel. It will certainly hold your essentials and after you can enjoy it for an everyday bag or even an evening bag. So light weight, so classic.


Now that you've got your bag for the festival, what are you going to wear? We found some great looks from Hapers Bazaar roundup of Glastonbury style, which look do you prefer?

hbz-glastonbury-2011-IMG17637ASEj-de-sm hbz-glastonbury-2011-IMG17564ASEj-de-sm hbz-glastonbury-2011-IMG17470ASEj-de-sm hbz-glastonbury-2011-IMG17086ASEj-de-sm hbz-glastonbury-2011-IMG17053ASEj-de-sm hbz-glastonbury-2011-IMG-5909ASEj-de-sm

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