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Scaramanga Edinburgh Flat Make-Over "Own Your Space"

Scaramanga Edinburgh Flat Make-Over "Own Your Space"

Scaramanga was thrilled to give Karen and Grant a week make-over so they could "own their space", since they can't own their place. They love original vintage pieces of furniture because they tell a story and look unique and different from new furniture, so we we're thrilled to work with them. livingroom-1 Karen and Grant live in the heart of Edinburgh and like most young couples they are renting their flat and can't make any major changes, but yearn to make their place their own. They said it doesn't make since to spend a bunch of money at Ikea for pieces that are going to fall apart and not take with them when they move to a larger flat or house in a few years. They wanted to buy some great pieces that they will have with them wherever they go. They got a unique fiber travel trunk (see similar) because it looks great as a coffee table, with the added bonus of providing storage which is key for small spaces. Additionally, they got a old hand-carved tree stump that is used as their side table. It doesn't take up too much space and adds a slightly natural look. They were excited because these two pieces were affordable, but they splurged on this antique wooden cow because they fell in love with it. livingroom-2 Grant and Karen have a small kitchen, so the only pieces we could fit were cabinets and fortunately one can hang these cabinets or simply set them on their counter tops. "Adding vintage colourful cabinets really brought a light and cheerful sense to the kitchen, according to Karen, plus they have provide space more our numerous amounts of condiments." kitchen-1 They bought our lovely handstiched floral bedcover which really added some colour to the bedroom. A wooden box and vintage soda crate also looked great in their room, and provided them organization for all their bits and bobs. bedroom-1 They spend their weekends being active around the city and at any chance, they pop into vintage shops to add to the collection of vintage suitcases. They got a couple more from us so they could complete their suitcase tower! livingroom-3
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