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Scaramanga | Boho Mini Backpack In London

Scaramanga | Boho Mini Backpack In London

The Perfect bag for London The small backpack is a must have for travelling this summer! It is lightweight, making it easier to carry when visiting popular tourist destinations. Despite the bag looking neat and compact, there is much appreciated space to carry your summer essentials. The small backpack securely fastens with a metal buckle which allows you to travel care free. The perfect combination of practical and stylistic qualities makes this bag a true dream to wear. We tested out this theory in front of famous landmarks in London and the results were everything we hoped it to be. London monument Comfortable qualities are a must! London requires a lot of walking, especially when you are determined to visit all of the popular destinations in one day. The small backpack is comfortable and efficient, which made the journey around London more enjoyable. I walked from Buckingham Palace, all the way to the national history museum, and I was thankful for the compact qualities. The straps on the bag can be easily adjusted to suit your personal preference, adding to the comfortable nature of the bag. The straps give you the opportunity to be hands-free, allowing you to read your map at any time. Buckingham Palace Ergonomics Creating Security You are guaranteed to be surrounded by a sea of people when walking around London. You want to feel comfortable to make sure you are enjoying your surroundings, rather than worry about losing an essential part of your life, your phone. The metal buckle at the front of the bag allows you to fasten your belongings tightly and securely. There is a magnetised clasp that secures the small pocket at the front of the bad, with the buckle fastening over, giving you extra security. Boho Leather Mini Backpack Small but spacious The bag may look small on the surface, but has a perfect amount of space to fit in all of your summer essentials. This was warmly welcomed when visiting Camden Market. In ordinary scenarios you are faced with either packing your purse, phone and sunglasses, or sacrificing these much needed objects to have more space for new purchases. This bag allows you to do both. The small external pocket inside allows you to store more essentials, and helps you organise what you have in your bag. This is a perfect solution for making it easier to find your keys, a problem that many of us share. Camden Backpack Traveling in style Camden Market regularly push the boundaries to achieve fashion and ideas that are ahead of the times. The small backpack will allow you to fit in with this ideology perfectly. The boho style gives the bag a unique quality, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. The hunter leather that is used is high quality and long lasting, keeping you on trend for longer. The vintage inspired leather bag is authentically distressed, a style that is very much on trend. You are guaranteed to walk through Camden Market with added confidence, knowing that you are wearing a bag that stands out, and designed with practicality in mind. Camden Market The Boho Backpack mini is a perfect blend of practicality and on trend. The wide range of qualities allows you to feel comfortable, secure and look amazing. This bag made my trip to London care free and enjoyable, and I know it will make your trip just as amazing. Check out the Leather Boho Backpack on our website.
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