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Scaramanga In America | Leather Travel Bags

Scaramanga In America | Leather Travel Bags

Scaramanga In America | Leather Travel Bags

A selection of our leather travel bags have taken a trip to the bright lights of U.S.A to experience the American dream for themselves. If you are looking for the perfect summer style to experience the beautiful beaches of California or to explore the magical city of New York, we have a range of leather bags to make your experience even more enjoyable. Traveling in America is a once in a lifetime experience. In addition, we encourage you to update your style with a brand new bag so you remember it in the best way. You will always have a constant reminder of your time in America with your loyal Scaramanga bag. leather travel bags leather travel bags

As Seen In Utah

The gorgeous weekender bag was spotted in Utah! The leather travel bags are the perfect accessory to enjoy a trip in Utah. The weekend bag has a large main compartment to fit all you need to enjoy a day full of nature and fun. The beautiful scenery and endless opportunity for adventure reflects the qualities of the weekend bag beautifully. This adventure bag is not just for a weekend getaway, it will also quickly become your new and favourite friend. The caramel colouring of the leather makes this even more eye-catching. Furthermore, we designed this bag with a soft antique leather to ensure you feel comfortable at all times. leather travel bags If you are planning a camping trip to enjoy beautiful scenery during your Summer holiday, the leather weekend bag would make the perfect choice. The main compartment is big enough to fit all the snacks you need and a change of clothes. The wonderful Desiree Moore enjoyed a weekend camping trip to Fairview in Utah and brought her Scaramanga women's handbag along for the ride. As you can tell from the image above, Desiree managed to fit delicious snacks in her weekender bag to enjoy the great outdoors in style. leather travel bags leather travel bags

As Seen In New York

Explore New York in the best way with our unique barrel gym bag. New York is the city that never sleeps, so it's important you look on point at all times. The gym bag is a great way to stand out in a thriving city without trying too hard. The distressed hunter gives the leather travel bags a distressed feel to show the beautiful imperfections of the bag, mirroring our favourite qualities of New York. The external pockets on the leather travel bag will allow you to keep your phone and keys close to hand as you explore The Big Apple. leather travel bags Whether you are enjoying a walk through Times Square or visiting the Statue Of Liberty, you will look and feel on point throughout the day. The leather barrel gym bag can also be used as a reliable hand luggage bag for all of your exciting trips this Summer. The brass hardware compliments the brown leather perfectly, allowing you to create bag envy wherever you go. We selected antique leather when designing this flight bag to ensure it ages with time. A casual style showcased by Marco Bozidar along with the leather barrel gym bag will help you to develop the New York style in no time. leather travel bags leather travel bags

As Seen In California

Feel fresh and relaxed while exploring the beautiful lifestyle of California with our popular leather backpack. The leather backpack is the perfect bag to explore the beautiful beaches and relaxed lifestyle of California. The main compartment has ample space to fit everything you need for a fun filled day. The leather travel bags are a chic design that is a must have this summer. You are guaranteed to fit in to the California lifestyle instantly with your new leather rucksack. leather travel bags The adjustable arm straps are designed to fit comfortably around your shoulders. You have the opportunity to adjust the arms straps to a length that you find comfortable. We have included a buckle on the flap of the bag to ensure your belongings will be securely fastened throughout the day. If that wasn't enough, the leather rucksack has a draw string closure inside the leather backpack. You can also keep your phone close to hand in the provided external pockets. You can now take pictures of the beautiful scenery whenever you want! leather travel bags

As Seen In Wisconsin

Enjoy the bright sceneries of Wisconsin with our canvas and leather backpack. The rustic design will help you to fit in perfectly while exploring the lakesides and beautiful land. We have added a small pocket on the front of the bag to allow you to keep your essentials in an easy to access place. The main compartment of the canvas rucksack will allow you to fit a laptop and any essentials you pick up along your journey. This canvas and leather laptop backpack can fit your laptop which would be great for your next business trip. leather travel bags Similar to the leather backpack, the canvas and leather rucksack features a drawstring closure inside the bag to give you extra security while sightseeing. We have added a slip latch closure to the flaps so you can access your daily essentials easier. The contrast of the green canvas and dark brown leather ensures the canvas bag will stand out wherever you go. The handle on top of the bag gives you an alternative way to carry your bag. In addition, this will allow you to keep your bag close to hand. leather travel bags A leather bag can make or break a holiday. It can be the worst when you are exploring a new country and all you can think about is how uncomfortable you feel. Our selection of leather handbags will guarantee to enhance your trip. This is due to the high-quality leather and reliable functionalities. Are looking for a chic backpack to throw everything together for an adventure day? Or a large barrel gym bag to use as stylish hand-luggage? If yes, the hand selected handbags featured are exactly what you are looking for. Follow our Instagram now to find out where our bags are exploring next!
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