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The Anatomy Of A Leather Satchel

The Anatomy Of A Leather Satchel

Satchel Anatomy with Scaramanga
Here at Scaramanga, we think a lot of our leather satchels and travel bags; from the way they’re handmade by talented craftsmen, to the little features that make them stand out from other bags, we think they’re simply ace. We’ve put together a short guide to show you exactly what makes them so fabulous, and why you need one to pop over your shoulder this Winter.
We only use the most ethical, high quality leather in our bags here at Scaramanga

We’re really proud of our leather products here at Scaramanga, not only because of the beautiful colours and rich tones but also for the way they’re ethically made. Our talented craftsmen use super strong buffalo leather in a way that celebrates the quality and individual characteristics of each hide; all natural marks are left exposed, and modern processing is absolutely never used. We also use semi-vegetable tanning in the treatment process, which means the leather is coloured using natural dyes rather than chemicals – better for the environment, better for the leather, and better for the customer.

Tough canvas linings give the bags extra durability and a pop of colour


Every satchel and travel bag from the Scaramanga range is beautifully finished, both inside and out; outside, the leather is treated with hot oils and waxes, and inside, the bags are lined with tough, colourful fabric. Often incorporating small zipped pockets, the canvas lining adds a pop of colour and an element of practicality to an already beautiful bag.

Our bags feature great internal pockets, ideal for all those smaller items
Small Overlander Leather Bag, £110
Mini Leather Satchel 11-Inch, £55
Internal Pockets and Compartments

One of the first things most of us check for when buying a new bag is the number of pockets, compartments and extra little spaces there are inside. Whether you’re looking for a large bag which has an expandable section for a laptop or paperwork, or a smaller satchel with places to keep your keys and mobile phone to hand, our bags have been designed with convenience in mind. Our small overlander, £110, has two large compartments and a zipped pocket, making it ideal for either travel or daily use, while even our mini 11-inch satchel, £55 has two separate sections for keeping your essentials organised.

External buckled pocket at Scaramanga
External pocket with popper fastening at Scaramanga
Vintage Leather Flight Bag, £84.50
External Pockets

If you’re tired of carrying a bag that seems to swallow all of your smaller daily items, a Scaramanga bag could be the answer to your prayers. Forget standing in the bus queue, rummaging for your travel pass, or trying desperately to find your ringing mobile phone before the caller hangs up; our bags come with a wide selection of external pockets designed to hold everything from wallets and purses to MP3 players. One of our larger bags, the vintage leather flight bag, £84.50, has three generous outside pockets of various sizes, which have buckle fastenings to ensure your essentials stay safely contained.

Scaramanga bags feature an adjustable leather strap for your comfort

Adjustable Strap

Here at Scaramanga, we know that everybody has their own opinions on the ideal way to carry your bag; whether you’re walking to work and want to be comfortable, or you spend a lot of time riding a bike, it’s important that your bag is easy to take along. That’s why we’ve equipped all of our leather satchels and messenger bags with an adjustable strap – whether you like to carry it on one shoulder, or across the body, a Scaramanga bag will fit in perfectly with your lifestyle.

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