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Sacred Spaces at Home | by Scaramanga

Sacred Spaces at Home | by Scaramanga

So much of our daily lives are centered around being 'on', right? Whether it's work, travel, errands, parenting, socialising, we are always turned on. Most of us find ways to turn off by either watching tv or spending hours online, but what I have found is that by creating a sacred space in your home, you can turn off from the daily noise, but in a more thoughtful and stimulating way. So if you've ever caught yourself deep in a rabbit hole on the web, wanting those pointless hours of your life back, pay attention now (oh, and you're not alone). Creating a sacred space allows you to sit, reflect, write, think or just quiet your mind, maybe you can even meditate if you're so inclined. It can be a place that you can renew yourself, so with that, it should be a pretty special place, filled with lovely things that you can't plug in. A sacred space doesn't have to be an entire room, it can be a corner or a small wall space, that you dedicate to self-nourishment. The main focus of this sacred space is a wooden storage chest, on it we've created an alternative alter with our upcycled mirrors, wooden spice pots for a collection of crystals and an upcycled candle holder. vintage furniture photos by grant jeffery Your sacred space needs to be comfortable, so include your favourite pillows or blankets that you can sit on or wrap up in. photos by grant jeffery vintage furniture A tapestry or wall hanging like this one will set the mood of any space and act as the center focus. Our collection of vintage boxes vary in size, so if you prefer something smaller to conserve space, then consider stacking a couple to build up your 'you' corner. scaramanga vintage furniture Having soft colours in your sacred space will help quiet the mind and bring in any distractions. This pale blue shabby chic style box not only looks great, but blue is thought to bring peaceful thoughts to any space. It is also a good storage box for books, notes, crystals or any other accessories you want to keep organized. scaramanga vintage furniture Again think comfort. Our blankets are thick and comfortable, so you'll be able to easily find the warmth and coziness when your sitting or lying down in your new space. We've even got a collection of authentic vintage kantha quilts originally from India, that will add soft colours and interesting designs. scaramanga vintage furniture Create a mini alter with your favourite things. Old letters, crystals, a temple bell and a spice dish add beautiful textures and shapes this alter. scaramanga vintage furniture You can even create a space for stretching or yoga with our selection of vintage furniture. This green storage chest will hold your blankets and yoga mat while not in use. If you like to use essential oils, you can nicely store them in one of our upcycled drawer shelves, along with crystals, rocks, jewellery and more. scaramanga vintage furniture Our old stone bowl and hindi statue make a perfect alter that is sacred, beautiful and exotic. scaramanga vintage furniture scaramanga vintage furniture scaramanga vintage furniture Hope you find inspiration to carve out a wee space in your home just for you. Thanks for reading.
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