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The Open in St. Andrews by Scaramanga

The Open in St. Andrews by Scaramanga

It's no secret that The British Open 2015 is in full swing in St. Andrews! The town is buzzing with excitement and the internet is ablaze with photos of this year's hottest contenders. We followed our amazing St. Andrews store manager, Amy, around town to see what the Old Course and St. Andrews have in store for this years visitors. 1 In celebration of The Open, BID St. Andrews held a competition for the best window dressing for all the shops in town. We got decked out in turf, turned some old clubs pastel and voila, WE WON! Below is a glimpse of the window that awarded us tickets to The Open and some champagne! 2 The town of St. Andrews seems like it's been preparing for months to get ready for the influx of visitors and making their backdrops the perfect place for people to take pictures, like these ladies below. 6 Our first stop was The Old Course where all the action will be taking place this week. There is no better sight than one of the oldest courses in the world; it is the birthplace of golf after all. Our Amy took one of the newest additions to our collection, the leather shopper tote bag. She chose this bag because she wanted a large and easy-to-use bag for a full day out. 8 We had to get the obligatory shot of her on The Swilcan Bridge, which is a famous small stone bridge that spans the Swilcan Burn between the first and eighteenth fairways on the Old Course, and has itself become an important cultural icon in the sport of golf. 7 One of the greatest parts of The Old Course is that it remains a public course, so anyone is able to play among the green with golf legends. Have you played an round of 18 here? 12 It's no doubt that St. Andrews' visitors will make the various stops in town while they're here. What is your favourite? Would St. Andrews Cathedral be on your list? Might as well see the oldest golf course and the one of the oldest cathedrals in one day, eh? Did we mention how amazing St. Andrews is?! 25 You can then make your way down to the pier at the East Sands Beach, where they have life guards and a designated swimming areas; if you're brave enough to jump in that is. 19 20 No trip to St. Andrews is complete without visiting the world famous Jannettas for some of the best ice cream you have ever had. Think ice cream is just for summer? Not here in Scotland, they've got queues all year long! 27 22 Tell us your thoughts about The Open and St. Andrews! Are you coming for a visit?
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