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Old Travel Trunks The Perfect Vintage Storage Solution

Old Travel Trunks The Perfect Vintage Storage Solution

Vintage Travel Trunk £175
As someone who lives in a flat where square footage is at a minimum, I’m always on the look out for ways to increase storage without decreasing the amount of space I have to move around in. There’s always one condition though: said storage must look GOOD. Otherwise there’s simply no point. Something I’ve had my eye on for quite some time is one of Scaramanga’s beautiful vintage travel trunks. Gorgeous and practical, these classic chests are the perfect solution for someone who seeks to make their home as unique as they are. Old travel trunks are a great way to bring a nostalgic feel to a room or living area.
Leather Saratoga Trunk
The trunks available on Scaramanga’s website are all one-off authentic vintage pieces, many of which show signs of the exotic life they’ve led since their creation. Some have the initials of their previous owners proudly emblazoned on their front, others still have the labels attached recording details of their travels. The sheer distance journeyed by these trunks as they’ve accompanied travellers across the globe is evidenced by every nick and graze of the distressed material. Whether their original owners were soliders, sailors, tourists or schoolboys, you can guarantee that these vintage travel trunks have seen some sights in their time and have a story or two to sell.
Old Shipping Label
Scaramanga offer a range of sizes, shapes and styles are available in metal, leather and wood, so there’s something to suit everyone’s taste and needs. However, all of these travel trunks have one thing in common: they’re not the kind of thing you hide away in a cupboard or under a bed. These pieces of craftsmanship need to be displayed and admired. One of the most practical applications for trunks is to utilise them as coffee tables in the lounge, with their cavernous interiors providing an ideal home for all that junk you accumulate but can’t bring yourself to throw out (or board games, for those of you who aren’t hoarders like me).
Old Wardrobe Trunk
Elsewhere in the home, all of Scaramanga’s medium and large trunks could be used as blanket boxes and double up as seats, either tucked away under a window or taking pride of place at the end of the bed. Or why not get creative? With its hooks, rails and drawers, a steamer trunk could easily be kept open for daily use - ideal for those who like to plan their outfits the night before but have nowhere stylish to keep them. If you’re a dab hand with a toolkit, you could take advantage of the beautiful linings of many of Scaramanga’s vintage travel trunks and transform one into a bookcase, or (even better), a bar. bar Scaramanga’s prices start at just £70, which isn’t too bad for a unique piece of furniture which also doubles as a handy storage device. And when you’re bored on a rainy Sunday you can always play ‘Whose trunk was this and where have they been?’ - a fun game for all the family based purely on historical speculation.
Original Vintage Trunk Interior
Vintage Cabin Trunk
Steamer Trunk Bar!
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