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Not-Your-Ordinary-Stocking-Fillers Guide by Scaramanga

Not-Your-Ordinary-Stocking-Fillers Guide by Scaramanga

Tired of the same old small gifts? We have a large selection of unique stocking fillers that are sure to add something new and fresh to your Christmas shopping. Bring the past to the present with our range of one of a kind vintage tableware items, we hand select our products and offer them to our customers conveniently and quickly; order your stocking fillers today and we'll despatch them today! We proudly offer original leather bag designs handcrafted by expert artisans with whom we've partnered with for many years and always trade fairly with, so you know you're making a good ethical purchase when you buy from us. Enjoy your one stop shopping destination where the quality of our products is matched with our quality service. Anyone on your list that is crafty or likes DIY projects will appreciate this set of wooden printing blocks. Christmas Printing Blocks Give someone who loves their sunglasses the ultimate leather glasses case. Scaramanga Leather Glasses Case Our vintage floral enamel mugs will add Christmas cheer to anyone who enjoys entertaining guests. Vintage Enamel Mugs Go on and print one of the pictures on your phone and frame it in these lovely upcycyled picture frame. Upcycled wooden picture frame These sweet little glass lanterns will add colourful mood to any room, at this price, grab a few. moroccan glass lanterns We have a nice range of vintage sterling silver and gemstone pendants that the ladies will enjoy. Sterling Silver Amazonite Pendant Nothing beats our classic leather wash bag for those who want style and practicality. Leather Wash bag for men Soft and colourful, our wooly throw blankets are fantastic for anyone. colourful wool blanket Perhaps you need to get your world traveler friend something special, these hand painted pictures on postcards are it! hand painted vintage postcards Our enamel plates each have different designs and would make an ideal platter for holiday entertaining. enamal plates Gold emboss initials on our leather travel journal that Indiana Jones would love to carry. leather-travel-journal-embossed-LNBS26015 Nothing makes a more unique jewellery box than our vintage brass chapati bowls from India. brass-chapatis-bowl-1-tlmt50380-1 Hope you found some inspiration for your stocking fillers this Christmas 2015.
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