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New In Leather Bags for AW21

New In Leather Bags for AW21

new in leather bags for A/W 21 The team at Scaramanga have been working extremely hard to create new bags for everyone to enjoy, and we think it is about time to introduce you to them. Whether you are looking for a leather bag for work or your next adventure, we have a wide range of new leather bags that we know you will love! Starting with our latest Leather Tote Bag, This leather bag has all of the fantastic qualities of our previous tote bag designs with an added-extras. Our exclusive hunter leather is combined with antique brass hardware, combining all of the bold colours beautifully. The practicality and timeless elements of this leather bag represents the highly desired qualities of a tote bag with a modern addition of the secure pocket on the front, creating a truly unique leather bag that every woman deserves to add to their collection. A completely new design for A/W 21 is our handcrafted leather waist bag, designed for those on the go. Handcrafted by experts using traditional tools and techniques like all our bags and accessories. Wear it around your waist or cross-body bandolier style. You'll be surprised how much you can fit into our new belt bag! Our travel bags have always been a customer favourite and we are sure our latest addition will be no different! Our leather holdall bag is the perfect overnight bag, with a handy compartment for your shoes and enough room inside for everything you would need for an overnight stay. Whether you are using your holdall as a gorgeous gym bag or for an exciting travelling trip, this bag will add fun and practicality to your experience. Our new leather phone bag has a classic and functional style that will allow you to carry your phone with style and ease. It can be frustrating when you are juggling your mobile while rushing out the door or on your latest adventure, this bag allows you to keep everything safe and your hands free. With plenty room for your mobile and your credit cards this is the perfect accessories for those on the go! This leather bag features our original hunter leather, pairing raw texture with iconic style. This practical bag can be carried by the top handles or on your shoulder with its adjustable vintage strap. Casual and classic, this leather phone bag is just what you’ve been looking for. Team Scaramanga are very excited about our brand new leather bag designs. Our distinctive hunter leather meets our new practical design. From the modern update of our leather tote bag to the distinctive and practical leather waist bag, we have designed these fabulous bags with everyone in mind. We hope that you love these new additions as much as we do!
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