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Need A Stylish & Practical Laptop Bag? | by Scaramanga

Need A Stylish & Practical Laptop Bag? | by Scaramanga

We know everyone wants a stylish and practical laptop bag for work, you know the ones. The chic and smart ones that people show up to meetings with AND they can carry with them to drinks or dinner after work. Well, look no further because Scaramanga has a large range of laptop bags for men and women that are completely practical for the daily commute AND are a great companion for after work functions. We started by redesigning the classic leather school satchel, which makes a fresh and original briefcase, but we also have leather backpacks, vintage leather bags and slim lightweight laptop bags that we think you'll love. First up is our original vintage satchel. Who is this for? Well anyone who wants a fresh (but nostalgic) take on a work bag. It will catch the eye of many as they remember their school days. But more importantly, it's pretty spacious, so you can carry your laptop, documents, books, water bottle, wallet and more. Not just for those who head to work in a hoodie and trainers, but a leather satchel is a classically smart casual accessory! original leather satchel for men leather bags for men If you still want something different, but like the look of the distressed leather, then perhaps you'll fall in love with our Citylander laptop bag. This beauty is more 'like' a briefcase, with padded lining for securely holding your laptop, multiple compartments and adjustable/detachable straps. This bag says, retire the black laptop bag and update your look with a modern but vintage style briefcase. The rustic look is complemented with the modern style to give you a unique man bag. mens leather laptop bag mens leather bags by scaramanga If you only carry your laptop and essentials, then our compact and lightweight laptop bag is your next bag. This chic and slim leather bag is what you want to show up to your next meeting in. Carry by the sturdy handles or simple hold under your arm if you've got coffee and or phone in your hands, because we see you, we know you do! leather laptop bags for women leather laptop bag Another alternative to that perfect 'during work and after work' laptop bag would be our soft caramel leather weekend b. It's not only a weekend bag! I have to admit that I am totally biased, because I actually use this bag everyday for work, with my laptop, cable, lunch, water bottle, yoga clothes and sometimes the odd old banana at the bottom (sorry!). The structure is ideal for a laptop, as it keep all my documents upright. The large compartment can hold my water bottle and yoga clothes with no problem. I usually don't use the cross body strap because I drive, but I imagine if I were taking the bus or train that would make commuting a breeze. I love that I can keep my phone, keys and purse in the front pocket, or else they would fall to the bottom to never be seen again. ladies laptop bag leather weekender bag for women leather weekender bag
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