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Need Storage For All Your Children's Toys? | by Scaramanga

Need Storage For All Your Children's Toys? | by Scaramanga

If you're looking for storage to keep all the children's toys, games and stuffed animals in then look no further. We carry a large collection of wooden storage trunks, blanket boxes, wooden chests, and wooden boxes to keep all those things in one organised place. If you're like us, then you need to think about how to best utilise your small space; this is why a wooden chest is the best choice for storage because it can also double as a coffee table, side table or even extra seating. So don't rush out to buy plastic containers that you need to hide away in the closet, shop Scaramanga's range of vintage wooden storage trunks. In addition to providing great storage that doubles as another piece of furniture, you can style a chest into any decor you've already got going on in your home. Our range of vintage interiors is pretty eclectic, so we're certain you'll find something that will suit your taste. I'll set a familiar scene for most families...the kids want to take all their toys out, like always, right?! So instead of thinking about how you have to clean up after them by bringing out the plastic tubs, opening closets, trying to get the plastic tubs back in the all can relate, can't you? All you have to do is open your 'coffee table' and let the kids put their games and toys back conveniently and quickly and voila! It's like the toys were never even there! Until 6am when it happens all over again... wooden storage chests You can see that our wooden chests range in style, this one below is a lovely example of a one that would suit many interior design themes. You could easily use it in a vintage, retro, shabby chic home, but even a contemporary or modern home. It would easily complement a modern living room with say a chic grey sofa and white decoration. We believe you buy what you love and make it work! wooden storage boxes There is nothing better, or bigger than a storage wardrobe to hold your kids toys and games. You could fill these with even more, like their craft supplies and art supplies. These make a wonderful addition to any home, and any room for that matter, as they bring a truly classic interior design style. When it's open the kids can easily take out their toys and crafts, then when they're finished pile it all back in, close the doors, take a breath 'cause your space is magically spotless. Imagine this kind of ease when preparing for guests to come over. vintage furniture uk old wooden chests Another way to style our old wooden boxes is to just stack them, easy as that! A stack of old suitcases or chests is a real design statement and now we know it serves a purpose. We stock a lot of boxes that are fairly light weight, so taking them down to take out they kids' toys will be manageable. Our range is colourful and some boxes have brass hardware and detailed craftsmanship that you can only get when you buy original vintage. old wooden chests vintage furniture stores scotland We even stock a lot of smaller boxes that will sit on table tops, dressers and well, other boxes! If you're like most parents, then your kids have a massive collection of coloured pencils, markers and crayons-where do they all come from?! But again, don't worry, just set one of these smaller boxes on their desk or dresser and they can quickly and conveniently take their growing mass of markers in and out. old wooden chests Lastly, consider styling some of our vintage wooden crates, these obviously make great storage for games and toys and can be stacked in many different ways. These are all very light weight, so you can be confident that your kids could push them around any room, whilst staying organised! These crates have a typically shabby chic look, which would make them a great addition to any room, but we find that they look fantastic in a kitchen. vintage wooden crates
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