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Mulberry Alexa VS. Scaramanga Leather Satchel Bag

Mulberry Alexa VS. Scaramanga Leather Satchel Bag

The 'Alexa' Mulberry The 'Alexa' Mulberry
leather satchel bag The Scaramanga Small Wide Satchel
Since 2007, TV Presenter Alexa Chung has frequently appeared in the fashion press as a style icon, characterised by her distinctively quirky, vintage style. At the tail-end of last year, Alexa was seen carrying a Mulberry bag in the style of a leather satchel bag named after her. After months of jealousy from her fashion followers, has finally been released in stores at the beginning of 2010. The bag is a leather messenger/leather satchel bag, not unlike Scaramanga's own small or mini wide leather satchels. The Mulberry features a half-flap with belt strap and buckle fastenings, which also characterises the Scaramanga wide satchels.

The Leather Satchel Bag VS. Mulberry Handbag

However, there is little doubting that the Alexa is more detailed - the postman's lock closure on the front, the plaited carry handle, the detachable shoulder strap, and, of course, the designer label all add detail and eloquence to this must-have Mulberry. On the other hand, the Scaramanga vintage leather satchel is characterised by simplicity and practicality, and takes more pride in providing a bag which has that 'vintage look' which is so sought-after today. The fact that each leather satchel bag is hand-made makes each one truly unique - the markings on the leather differ with each bag and with time and use, the leather softens and ages well, maturing into a perfect vintage leather bag. Furthermore, if the simplicity of the classic wide satchel isn't your style, the bag will also be available with a small front pocket from July 2010, adding more detail and bringing a new style to the original.
The new small wide leather satchel featuring a front pocket. The new small wide leather satchel featuring a front pocket.
Sure, we might be tempted by the designer label, the choice of different colours, and the Mulberry Alexa's association with, well... Alexa: the ultimate style icon. Yet I can't help but feel that this 'copying' of Alexa's style is in itself hypocritical - isn't the very spirit of vintage style uniqueness and one-off finds? Personally, I would rather jump at the chance to develop my own style which is merely based on inspiration from Alexa, which is what makes the Scaramanga leather satchel bag so appealing. It is similar, yet different; and uniqueness comes as a given. Oh, and of course, the price label: £798 for the Alexa, compared with as little as £68 for the Scaramanga leather satchel. Surely there is no competition...
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