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Mid-Century Modern Furniture - The Scaramanga Top Five

Mid-Century Modern Furniture - The Scaramanga Top Five

Vintage Blue Formica Table, £125
Whether you’re struggling to find a new table for your retro dining room, or a storage unit for your vintage themed kitchen, Scaramanga has the solution. We stock a huge range of furniture from various different eras, from art deco pieces from the 1920s, to mid-century modern objects from the 1950s, but one of our favourite periods is the 1960s. Featuring simple, clean lines, tapered legs and elliptical shapes, the retro-modern style is one of our favourites – so we've picked our favourite pieces from the 1960’s just for you.
Retro Teak Tables by Nathan, £175
Retro Teak Tables by Nathan, £175.00 Manufactured by iconic British furniture makers Nathan Furniture, the beautiful retro teak tables, £175, are the cream of the sixties crop. Featuring the elliptical shape that was so popular during the mid-century period, the set consists of three small tables that sit underneath one larger top table, as well as sleek tapering legs and curved edges. Use them together in your lounge, or split them up and add a touch of retro style to several different rooms in your house.
Retro Teak Chairs, £170
Retro Teak Chairs, £170.00 If you’re looking to add a touch of the sixties to your dining room or kitchen, choose our retro teak chairs, £170. Made from beautiful teak, and with their original covering, these wonderful chairs feature smooth, clean legs and a curved backrest, and will add a touch of classic design to your eating area.
Vintage Kitchen Unit, £350
Vintage Kitchen Unit, £350.00 During the middle of the twentieth century, the popularity of storage units and sideboards went through the roof. Our vintage kitchen unit, £350, is a classic example of 1960’s design – the drop down table, frosted glass doors and huge amount of storage space all work together to make a piece of furniture that will help keep your kitchen organised, while adding a vintage feel. Alternatively, use it in the bedroom to store bedding and clothes, or in the lounge to hold books, CDs and DVDs.
Old School Chairs, £80
Old School Chairs, £80.00 If you’re looking for a quirky piece of furniture for a child’s room or playroom, why not opt for our old school chairs, £80? Made from vintage plywood and a metal tubular frame, these lovely chairs are a 1960s design classic, and are also a great start for upcycling, or decorating with decals or decoupage. Just the right size for your little ones, they’ll add a unique retro touch to any child’s space.
Vintage Blue Formica Table, £125
Vintage Blue Formica Table, £125.00 Featuring a top covered in one of the most iconic design materials of the 1960s, the Scaramanga vintage blue formica table, £125, is ideal for any kitchen or dining room with a retro theme. With its colour popping blue surface, and trademark tapered legs, this really is a fantastic example of mid-century modern design.
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