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Men's Vintage Leather Bags Define Smart Casual

Men's Vintage Leather Bags Define Smart Casual

Smart casual is, for better and for worse, open to many different interpretations these days. So we've started a new blog series where we will show how two different men's vintage leather bags can help you easily achieve a smart casual look. We'll never be able to get too many people agreeing on whether jeans are acceptable for smart casual or if a men's shirt has to be tucked in or not, but I think we can all agree that by pairing your interpretation of smart casual with a distressed vintage leather bag you've done the job, and well. This classic summer smart casual outfit has some great basics: Light coloured cotton shirt, light-weight jacket, coloured chinos and a classic leather oxford. We paired this fantastic look first, with our Men's Large Leather Satchel, this men's bag is perfect for students and professionals. It has a generous compartment where one can fit large laptops and folders and comes with a long thick strap, which make is really comfortable to carry around. This men's satchel comes with a pocket which is great for keys and a phone. the satchel has a very professional, smart look and although the leather is distressed it still has a very chic and modern feel to it. In fact, most men like the distressed leather because it feels a bit more 'manly' and can complement a chic city look very well.




Then we've paired our classic summer look with the Men's Medium Leather Overlander. This bag is ideal for professionals who travel because it has two compartments, one for a large laptop and folders and a larger one for clothes, shoes, etc. This men's leather bag has a rugged look, but as you can see looks great with a smart casual city look as well. The exterior pockets can hold a lot of one's smaller items and it comes with the long thick strap, but additionally the Overlander bags have top handles which make it easy to carry.




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