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Men's Satchels

Men's Satchels

When it comes to men's fashion there are no rules. No, really! We think we've finally entered an era where anything goes and men just want to find what's right for them. We see CEOs wearing trainers and hoodies to the office and black tie has taken on a whole different meaning. However, when it comes bags men usually say a classic bag overrules a trendy one and certainly practicality overrules style and that is why we at Scaramanga have committed ourselves to creating very practical and very stylish bags that have a classic look. To show off some of our best selling men's bags, we asked a few handsome gents to wear them around town and asked them if these bags met the men's criteria of practicality, style and classic.

The Medium Leather Satchel with pockets and handle:

Practical? "Yes, the Medium Leather Satchel can hold my laptop, folders and a couple books that I carry to class" Stylish? "Absolutely! Casual or formal, but the handle allows me to carry like a briefcase which is good for my professional look" Classic? "The satchel will never go out of style"



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Alternatively, Medium Wide Satchel:

Practical? "Very practical, it will hold all my uni stuff and the strap is thick so no matter how many books I put it, it will be nice and comfortable to carry" Stylish: "I think so, it would go with everything I wear. The distressed leather is so nice" Classic: "It doesn't get any more classic than a satchel"



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Lastly we have The Vintage Flight Bag:

Practicality? "This is really practical because I can travel with it, put my stuff in the front pockets and clothes and books inside" Stylish: "Just look at me!" Classic: "This bag is very classic, not trendy, but timeless"



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Around town with their bags:


left: Medium Wide Satchel with pockets and handle right: Large Vintage Flight Bag


left: Medium Messenger middle: Medium Overlander Bag right: Mens Saddle Bag


left: Large Vintage Flight Bag middle: Medium Wide Satchel with pockets and handle right: Medium Wide Satchel


left: Medium Messenger right: Large Vintage Flight Bag


left: Medium Wide Satchel with pockets and handle right: Large Vintage Flight Bag



See how our satchels bring people together!

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