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Men Join The Leather Man Bag Revolution! Proper Men's Leather Satchels and Travel Bags

Men Join The Leather Man Bag Revolution! Proper Men's Leather Satchels and Travel Bags

Scaramanga Large Wide Leather Satchel
Ladies: imagine you’re about to leave the house, having carefully packed your bag so everything fits in perfectly, and your boyfriend or husband says to you “Oh, can I just put my wallet, keys, phone and jumper in there?” - sound familiar? But what if your bag gets stolen/breaks under the weight of the additional load? You know full well the blame will be laid firmly at your feet when you’re unable to get back into your house having lost both sets of keys. This is just one of many reasons why it's high time men need to take on their fair share of the carrying responsibility by getting their own bags. Sadly, many men feel like there’s a certain stigma when it comes to the ‘ leather man bag’, and because of this the market has been lacking in stylish options for gentlemen. Beyond the corporate style briefcase - which is hardly ideal for a gig or afternoon spent shopping for manly things - discerning men have often been forced into the realm of backpacks (which can bring back unwelcome memories of being a student), cheap-looking nylon messenger bags, or bags which look like they might actually be for ladies. And nobody wants to look like Joey from Friends in The One With Joey’s Bag.
Joey with his 'Man Bag'
Fortunately for these men (and Joey), salvation has arrived in the form of Scaramanga’s range of stylish leather man bags! There’s something for everyone, from schoolboy to seasoned gent. Scaramanga’s offering of British leather satchels, messenger bags and leather travel bags means there’s plenty of choice when it comes to shape and size. Smart enough for work yet casual enough for a relaxed evening at the pub, there’s enough room in all of Scaramanga’s traditional British leather bags for a change of clothes if required, and the long broad sturdy straps mean they can be filled to the brim with all the equipment a modern man needs without any danger of breakage. No longer will men have to sit on public transport thinking ‘I wish I had something handsome in which to carry that interesting book I was reading/my iPad, then I wouldn’t be so massively bored as I sit here whilst they take hours to clear that breakdown up ahead’. However, this also means the stylish gents also have room for that extra bit of work their boss has hinted they should probably take home (but let’s not dwell on that). Even the appearance of Scaramanga’s vintage men's leather satchels is perfect for the modern bloke - the worn look of the leather means they won’t look like they’re trying too hard. After all, the more rugged man may balk at the idea of a pristine and obviously new bag, which could become a source of amusement for their crueller friends and workmates. These vintage men’s satchels are both effortlessly cool and masculine all at once, and are therefore perfect for members of the sex infamous for spending minimal time on their appearance. The Man Bag Revolution is well and truly here, and Scaramanga’s satchels are at the spearhead. Proper leather bags for men! And now, ladies, the only thing you’ll have to worry about now is your man friend looking better than you - good thing they’ve got a fantastic selection of leather bags for girls too!
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