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Leather Satchels - The Scaramanga Top Five

Leather Satchels - The Scaramanga Top Five

Brown 11.5 Inch Classic Collection Leather Satchel, £70
The sun is shining, the temperatures are soaring, and the weather is finally behaving itself – summer is here, and no matter what you have planned, our beautiful handmade leather satchels make the perfect accessories. Whether you’re heading abroad for a short break, or just popping to the park for a day out, a Scaramanga satchel will make sure you have everything you need to make the most of the beautiful summer weather.
Brown 14.5 Inch Classic Collection Leather Satchel, £80

Classic Collection 14.5 Inch Leather Satchel in Brown, £80.00

If you love the clean, modern lines of our classic collection satchels, but prefer the vintage look of natural leather colouring, our new 14.5 inch leather satchel in Brown, £80 will tick all of your accessory boxes. Manufactured ethically by hand, by traditional leather craftsmen, this beautiful old-style leather satchel is big enough to hold everything you might need for a day trip, but slim enough not to be bulky or heavy to carry.

iPad 11-Inch Leather Messenger Bag, £57.50
iPad Leather Messenger Bag, 11 Inch, £57.50

Are you someone who is addicted to technology? Perhaps you need to stay connected wherever you go, or like to make sure you never miss the opportunity to capture a special moment? With the Scaramanga iPad Leather Messenger Bag, £57.50, you’ll be able to carry your iPad or mini-laptop in style, whether you’re heading off on a day trip, or using it on a long-haul flight on holiday. Featuring a distressed finish, adjustable leather strap and several internal pockets, this is the ideal leather satchel for anybody who just can’t leave their iPad behind.

Small Overlander Leather Bag, £110

Small Overlander Leather Bag, £110.00

Whether you’re going abroad for a few weeks and need a bag for your hand luggage, or are heading off on a city break, our range of versatile Overlander leather bags make ideal accessories. Our small Overlander leather bag, £110, has been inspired by vintage pilots bags, and features a huge main compartment, an expandable front pocket, and three further sections for all of your belongings, from papers and magazines to your phone and any small gadgets.

Small 11-Inch Retro Leather Satchel, £55

Small Retro Leather Satchel, 11-Inch, £55.00

If you’re someone who travels light, and are looking for a smaller bag to hold the essentials on day trips, our small retro leather satchel, £55, is just what you’re looking for. Handmade in the style of old-school leather satchels, this beautiful leather bag has strong double stitching and tough canvas lining, and is the perfect size to hold all of your essentials, without being bulky or cumbersome.

Boys and Girls 13-Inch Leather Satchel, £71

Boys and Girls 13 Inch Leather Satchel, £71.00

Are you looking for a bag for your child or teenager that manages to be practical yet cool? Maybe you’re after something that can be used on holiday, but won’t be resigned to the back of the wardrobe once school starts? Our range of boys and girls satchels, such as the boys and girls 13 inch leather satchel, £71, are the ideal choice. Featuring the same leather and craftsmanship as the adult versions of the same satchel, this gorgeous bag is available in blue, red or black, and can be used as easily on holidays and day trips, as it can in the schoolroom.

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