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Leather & Canvas Aprons | by Scaramanga

Leather & Canvas Aprons | by Scaramanga

We are very excited about our best selling gift so far this year, our Leather and Canvas Aprons. We've got 3 different styles that make wonderful gifts for DIY'ers, crafters, artists, craft brewers, ok, well anyone I suppose. They are as practical as they are stylish with the combination of waterproof canvas and durable leather. You can make this unique gift for men and women even more special by adding initials and making it a personalised gift. These canvas and leather aprons are an item you wouldn't buy yourself, but would be chuffed to receive it as a gift. eilidh1 Our first style is the full apron with leather pockets, the pockets are made from our original Hunter leather which is naturally distressed to give it that wonderful vintage look. One could keep anything in the pockets, just depends on what the use of it is. leather and canvas apron leather and canvas apron leather and canvas apron Next up is our more subtle canvas apron, with the only leather being the straps and embossed label. This canvas apron will probably be the most universal without too many adornments and is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. leather and canvas apron Our third style is our popular half canvas and leather apron. This style is nice for those who just need to keep some practical tools with them at all times, like scissors, tape, pencils, measuring tape, etc. leather and canvas apron leather and canvas apron leather and canvas apron We designed our leather and canvas aprons because we love craft and these aprons bring back a bit of nostalgia as they embody traditional craftsmanship. We believe in working with our hands, designing and creating things and love that these leather and canvas aprons will allow us to do just that. Give this special gift to someone who would appreciate this gift as a symbol of traditional craft.
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