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Leather Bags Autumn Look Book | By Scaramanga

Leather Bags Autumn Look Book | By Scaramanga

November is just around the corner with the change in weather reminds us that Autumn is in full force. Autumn is a season we look forward to here at Scaramanga. The rich colours and the beautiful scenery inspires us to provide leather bags that gets us in to the spirit of this amazing season. We think the perfect way to begin the Autumn season is with a new bag, and we have chosen four of our favourites to show you how you can give your wardrobe a touch of Autumn.
Gemini Cross Body
The Gemini Cross Body is a perfect bag for an Autumn outing. It can be frustrating when you are going for a stroll in the park, or enjoying a night out with friends, and you are bogged down with a bigger leather bag than you need. The compact size of the leather Cross Body allows you to carry your purse, keys and phone with ease and hands free. Sticking with the Autumn theme, this handbag is crafted with soft antique leather which is a caramel colour, guaranteed to age beautifully. If you are planning a day trip, or shopping for your new Autumn wardrobe, the classic Leather Britt Tote Bag will be your new best friend. The soft antique leather ensures you will feel comfortable on your daily outings. The shape of the handbag allows you to chuck all your daily essentials in there with plenty of room. There is a small zip compartment on the inside of the leather bag so you can keep your phone and keys in a convenient, safe place. The Britt Tote is a style that every woman would be proud to add to their collection. The leather Rucksack is a great way to carry all your essentials in a stylish way. This leather backpack conveniently holds everything you could need, with two external pockets allowing you to have easier access to all of your things. You will find a place for everything you need for the day, interior zipped pockets, to a dedicated compartment to hold your phone and keys. The rich colour will compliment your Autumn season wardrobe beautifully. Mens Leather Travel Bag The final bag that we think is a fantastic leather bag for the Autumn season is of course the leather duffle bag. This weekend holdall is a perfect blend of practical and fashionable. We are a big fan of the Duffle here at Scaramanga, we gave this bag a modern twist with its zip closure, two handles and a detachable shoulder strap. These practical features will guarantee to make you feel more secure and comfortable when carrying your items, there is more than enough room for a weekend away. This holdall is very multi-functional as you can take it on a day trip or a long weekend or even as your gym bag for after work. *Adorable pup not included From the beautiful Gemini to the leather tote bag, there is a wide selection of leather bag styles that you can add to your Autumn wardrobe.
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