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Leather Bags at the Beach | By Scaramanga

Leather Bags at the Beach | By Scaramanga

Leather Bags -at the beach!

The beach can be the best part of summer. It helps when the weather is right, and you have the perfect bag that carries all of your beach essentials. To ensure you have an enjoyable day at the beach, it is important that you take a bag that is practical. I am aware that for most of us, style is more important than practicality. Lucky for you we have leather bags that are the best of both worlds. Whether you are packing light or taking a picnic for the family, we have the leather bag solution for you! leather bag

The Leather & Canvas Holdall

It can be frustrating when you plan to have a day at the beach, but you don't have a leather bag big enough to fit everything. Our Leather and canvas holdall bags can be the perfect solution for you. The leather duffle bag is a perfect example of a durable bag that is comfortable to carry. This can come in handy when you are running after the kids at the beach. It comes with a padded interior laptop pocket in case you wanted to do some work in a relaxing setting. You have the option to attach the long shoulder strap when you are on the go. The hunter leather plays a big part in the amazing vintage style of the bag. The distressed quality makes this leather and canvas holdall a timeless beauty! leather bag

Leather and Canvas Backpack

The leather and canvas backpack is a must for travelling in the summer. The Raleigh backpack's functionality is met with a vintage and boho style to stand out at the beach. The backpack is clearly much smaller than the duffle bag, but you still have the opportunity to fit in everything you want and need. The backpack has adjustable straps to ensure it is comfortable for all. The little pockets at the front are my favourite part. The easy magnetic closure allows you to collect as much seashells as you want, without worrying about losing anything. This backpack is made from waxed hunter leather and waxed canvas material, protecting your bag from water damage. leather bag

Leather Hobo Bag

The leather hobo bag is a style that will never go out of fashion. The classic style ensures comfortability when carrying around the beach for a long period of time. The shape allows the leather to fold naturally in the middle, with a large strap to hold around your shoulder securely. The fact that the bag fits around your shoulder allows you to have easier access to your belongings when travelling along the beach. This will allow you to flawlessly walk and apply sun cream at the same time. The size of the hobo bag is perfect for holding all of your essentials. There is an interior pocket at the front to keep small items that are easily lost. leather bag Spending the day at the beach can be the best part of summer. Having a comfortable and stylish bag to fulfil all of your needs can take away the stress, allowing you to enjoy your day with friends and family. Whether you are packing for a full day with a Duffle bag, being practical and secure with a backpack, or styling it out with a leather hobo bag, we are confident that your day will be great! Why not visit some of our Pinterest boards for more leather bag inspiration! leather bags
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