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Leather Baby Bags, Leather Satchels and Vintage Bags

Leather Baby Bags, Leather Satchels and Vintage Bags

If you’re pregnant, or already a parent, you’ll know by now that babies and children come hand-in-hand with an awful lot of extra things. From the cot to the pram, toys to clothes, you’ll soon find your home filling up far more quickly than you could have imagined. Leaving the house becomes a mammoth expedition, which is why you need to choose a changing bag that is both durable, reliable and roomy, without sacrificing your style. Instead of paying a small fortune for a designer brand, or picking a less than eye catching nylon number, why not think outside the box and opt for a Scaramanga leather satchel instead?
Changing bags have got their work cut out from the start – they have to be roomy, easy to carry and hardwearing. A typical trip out with a baby will include paraphernalia such as bottles, wipes, nappies, a blanket, bibs, food, a change of clothes, nappy cream.... the list is endless, and when you take into consideration that this is going to happen every time you leave the house for roughly the next three years, it’s worth thinking carefully about your purchase. You might start out carrying baby accessories, but it won't be long before you find yourself filling the bag with books and crayons to entertain your toddler, so above all it needs to be multi-functional. Scaramanga satchels are the obvious choice for anyone who wants a bag that’s practical but still has a trendy element – the medium leather old school satchel, £75, combines the style of a traditional satchel with the space of a standard changing bag. With measurements of 37x28cm, and a separate front pouch for those little necessities, it’s a great option.
If you prefer quirky over traditional, why not choose a bag from our classic satchel collection? Available in red, blue or black dyed leather, these eye-catching numbers combine old-school style with a modern twist, and the 14.5” version, £76, offers maximum space for your money. Constructed from hard-wearing leather, and with an adjustable strap, you can wear it on one shoulder, or across the body – perfect whether you choose to carry your little one in a sling or in the pram.
If you’re a parent to twins, or have more than one young child, then it’s almost certain that you’re going to need a lot more space to hold everything. Instead of juggling with two separate bags, why not choose one of our medium Overlander leather satchels? Made from the usual quality Scaramanga leather, but with massive 40x33cm dimensions, and a depth of 15cm, this is a bag that will hold everything you could possibly need for a day out with the children. As with all our satchels, the Overlander leather satchel, £120, has strong double stitching and a super tough canvas lining – perfect for those situations where you find yourself cramming in a little more than you should do. As well as the separate front compartment, there is also a zipped section, ideal for keeping wipes or tissues to hand for those messy moments that go hand in hand with spending a day on the go with children.
If you are looking for something that is not a satchel style, then Scaramanga's leather flight bags are a good option. With 4 secure side pockets for smaller items and a large zipped main compartment they are available in two sizes: 13 and 15 inches.
Classic Flight Style Baby Bag
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