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Leather Accessories, Perfect For Your Leather Satchel

Leather Accessories, Perfect For Your Leather Satchel

Here at Scaramanga, we’re almost certainly best known for our beautiful handcrafted, ethical leather bags and leather school satchels, but we also stock a wide array of other things such as leather notebooks, purses, wallets and pencilcases. Whether you’re a stay-at-home Mum, searching for a convenient pad to jot down the everyday necessities, or a total gadget-addict looking for the ideal way to keep your iPad safe, we’ve got just the thing for you, with prices starting at just a few pounds.
If you own a Scaramanga satchel, you’ll already know the plus points – the beautiful strong leather, double stitching for extra reinforcement, natural dyes and an ethical manufacturing process. Our range of leather notebooks and journals all share the same benefits, so why not complement your bag with the perfect accessory? For those creative types who need somewhere to sketch out ideas, why not choose one of our extra large leather sketchbooks, £32.50, which contain 120 pages of hand-bound heavyweight paper, suitable for use with both pens and pencils. If keeping a written journal or diary is more your thing, opt for one of our many leather notebooks, such as the black leather journal, £6.75, or the leather travel notebook, £16.50, both comprising of forty pages of heavyweight paper, encased in leather with a hand tooled finish.
They say that if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves – so take note and find somewhere safe to keep your money, with a Scaramanga purse or wallet. For the ladies, our brown leather purse, £37.50, handmade from distressed brown leather, has ten credit card compartments, two banknote compartments, and a coin section. Guys can choose from a selection of wallets, such as the brown leather wallet, £22.50, which has space for coins, notes and credit cards, but manages to stay compact – perfect for slipping into a jacket or jeans pocket. Going a little further afield? Then you’ll be looking for the Scaramanga leather travel wallet, £30, which holds credit cards, notes and coins, and also has a clear compartment ideal for an Oyster card or travel pass. Our super handy pocket money purse, £2.70 is ideal for children. Our leather card holders are ideal if you want some a neat and handy place to keep a few business cards or a card card or two, £3
Pocket Money Purse
If you’re someone who can’t quite manage to travel lightly, you’ll need somewhere to keep all of your odds and ends. Our pencil cases and make-up bags are the perfect places to keep everything safe while you’re on the go, whether you want to keep your lipsticks in order or your pencils in place. Our leather pencil case, £6.50, is made from our distinctive vintage leather and is 18cmx9cmx4cm, which is the ideal size to use as a make-up bag, while our slightly bigger large leather pencil case, £5, measures 20cmx13cmx3.5cm, and is just the thing to keep your receipts, pens and pencils tidy and together. If you’re more into technology than stationary, and you can’t leave home without your favourite gadget, our leather ipad case, £30, is the thing for you – lined in either black fleece or pink cotton, and constructed from strong buffalo style leather, it’s guaranteed to compliment your Scaramanga satchel while keeping your prize possession safe.
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