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Junior Scaramanga: Boys And Girls Leather Satchels And Other Top Buys

Junior Scaramanga: Boys And Girls Leather Satchels And Other Top Buys

Boys and Girls 14.5 Inch Classic Collection Leather Satchel, £76
Are you looking for accessories for your child or teenager? Perhaps you’re trying to find a school bag with staying power, or furniture for your youngsters bedroom with a vintage twist? Whether you’re after a treat, a birthday present, or just something to make their space that little bit different, here at Scaramanga, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. Read on for our top five picks of accessories and homewares that will make your child the coolest kid on the block.
Boys and Girls 14.5 Inch Classic Collection Red Leather Satchel, £76

Boys and Girls 14.5 Inch Classic Leather Satchel, £76.00

If you’re looking for a school or college bag for your child or teenager, you’ll love our 14.5 inch classic leather satchel, £76, which is a sturdy, sensible purchase with plenty of style. Available in classic black, vibrant red, or pastel blue, this beautiful leather satchel is large enough to hold A4 files and folders, as well as mobile phones, wallets and purses. Handmade by experienced leatherworkers, with hardwearing silver nickel buckles, this leather satchel will tick all the trend boxes, while remaining beautifully practical.

Retro School Chairs by Remploy, £65 per Pair
Retro School Chairs by Remploy, £65.00 per Pair

Childrens bedrooms should be many things; a retreat, a place to study, and somewhere to express their personality and own personal tastes. If your young person is a fan of the eclectic and unique, our retro school chairs by Remploy, £65, are the perfect interior accessory, and will add a vintage twist to any bedroom. Dating from the 1970s, these original school chairs are a strong tubular steel construction, and feature a padded brown seat and back rest – ideal for studying, crafting or simply adding a little vintage charm to the corner of the room.

Cool Blue Fabric Sketchbook, £17.50
Cool Blue Sketchbook, £17.50

If your child or teenager is studying art at school or college, or even if they’re just a keen creative type, our cool blue sketchbook, £17.50 is the ideal accessory. Handcrafted using traditional bookbinding skills, this lovely fabric sketchbook features 120 pages of heavyweight off-white paper, which is perfect for use with anything from pencils to fountain pens and everything in between. Whether they’re going to use as a place to record research for design projects, as a personal memory book, or even just as somewhere to sketch out any ideas, any young artist would be delighted to receive this lovely sketchbook from Scaramanga.

T-Rex Pop Art Canvas Bag, £4.50
T-Rex Canvas Bag, £4.50

Whether you’re looking for a bag for your youngster to take to the beach, or a quirky way of storing things out of sight, our T-Rex Canvas Bag, £4.50, is just what you’re looking for. Measuring a large 40cmx38x18, this lightweight but tough little bag can cope with a huge amount, from toys and games that need to be carted to the beach, to a PE kit and all that goes with it for school. Alternatively, take advantage of the great pop-art style print on the front of the canvas bag, and use it to store toys, games or craft accessories neatly in any bedroom or playroom.

Large Vintage Leather Pencil Case, £7.50
Large Leather Pencil Case, £7.50

From school to college and right up to university, there’s one accessory that’s on the list at the start of every academic year – the pencil case. Make sure your child or teenager is sorted for lessons by presenting them with the large leather pencil case, £7.50 by Scaramanga. Measuring a generous 20cmx13x3.5, and made from our high quality vintage leather, this pencil case is ideal for holding anything from pens and pencils to spare change and travel passes.

If you're looking for ways to keep pocket money safe, why not choose our pocket money purse, £2.75, which is the perfect satchel accessory, and is an ideal place to store dinner money or shopping funds. If you've got a little saver on your hands, our old money box, £65, is just what you need to keep precious coins safe - the combination of a chunky hardwood construction with an element of vintage charm makes this the ideal accessory to any bedroom.

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