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Interior Design Trends For 2018 | Scaramanga's Predictions

Interior Design Trends For 2018 | Scaramanga's Predictions

Here at Scaramanga we've been gazing into our vintage crystal ball and predicted some of the interior design trends for 2018 and 2019. We’ve never really advocated following trends for big spend pieces because we feel your house or individual rooms are a reflection of you and the other people you who share you home. A home should be about living with what you love.Dundee-based interior designer Sooz Gordon says: ‘Home for me is about being surrounded by personal and meaningful objects. I am drawn to pieces that have character and have an interesting narrative. As a designer and maker, I look for quality materials, and appreciate craftsmanship and artistry’. So in no particular order here’s some inspirational interior design trends for 2018 and 2019. vintage kitchen - mixed materials and eclectic Mixed material kitchens - mixing finishes gives a more thoughtfully created look and a harmonious feel. It's an interior design trend for 2018 that we've been raving about for several years. Ever since we restyled a kitchen. It's seen in larger commercial applications like bars and restaurants. We see the mixing of textures in nature as foamy waves washes over smoother fine sand or a knurled twisted trunk is shrouded by layers of symmetrical delicate leaves. Look to layer bare iron, natural and painted woods and stone with touches of gold and brass - yes both are going to be big this year - in the kitchen. We're vintage kitchen experts, but realise that you're very unlikely to completely remove a fitted kitchen and replace it with a free standing vintage cupboards and cabinets. So mix different woods - old, new, hardwoods, softwoods, painted and natural, light and dark woods. Go eclectic and use reclaimed and salvaged, mix eras and styles and don't let any theme or style dominate. The secret to success will be mixing the materials in a clever way. Uniform coloured kitchens, whether in pure white, blue or glossy red are just EVERYWHERE and they are starting to all look the same. Who wants a kitchen that looks like everyone else’s? It’s time to get a bit more creative. dark furniture - large dark armoire cupboard Dark glam furniture – embrace the dark-side in 2018. There have been signs that people are moving to darker living spaces we saw navy and dark greys last year and the darker theme will continue with darker natural wooden furniture. Not only golden hues, but deeper tones seen in rosewood, walnut and mahogany. Does this mean the decline of the Scandi look? Of course not. It’s been around since the 60s and has been brought forward and given a new lease of life along with other classic mid-century furniture styles and given a boost over the last few years. We don’t think that original vintage Scandinavian furniture will ever be unpopular or an important style. Don’t forget a lot of Danish furniture is made from darker woods or have been finished with darker lacquers. The interpretation of the original style evolved into tapered angled legs and blonde woods. The style was always about much more. vintage statement art Statement wall artwork – Go bigger and more statement -making with wall-art this year. It could be bright 70’s glam or vintage salvaged outdoor advertising or subtle – black and white photography. Either way it’s definitely not a gallery wall. It’s really about a more curated look for your walls and not hanging every single thing that looks different or that works in one area of a wall. Of course you should not get rid of something because it’s not so popular as a style. Gallery walls can be inspiring and very inclusive. The art can be anything and everything that means something to you and your family / partner. We’re big eclectic fans and if you want to change something then it’s a case of using it somewhere else. So we see big statement pieces on the wall. Create the focus on a single or a couple of pieces. Our tips for styles include photography, large colourful vintage maps and signs and industrial salvage – we found an old giant 1.5 metre band saw in a shed and it’s now up on our wall. Of course the great thing about a gallery wall is that you don’t have to choose your favourites. Conversely a statement pieces means choosing your favourite, which would be too hard for many people. Look for reclaimed old truck signs, an old salvaged or reclaimed decorative door or window, a large framed black and white portrait photo, an old school map or vintage medical or educational poster. Something large bold or brightly coloured or unusual - an old door on a wall! Statement storage cupboard and armoire Statement storage – gone are the days of having to choose between style and function. 2018 will be about looking good and allowing you to organise everything to want to store. We could be about to see bedroom armoires being used in kitchens and living rooms and Art deco drinks cabinets making a return? Simple, understated style. Perhaps another reason why Scandinavian design is not going to fade is that the simple design, form and function are so well thought through. vintage green iron workshop chest of drawers A statement piece is going to be different. Not something that could be bought on the high street. We see more unique salvaged being used for simple everyday uses. Brightly coloured old lockers and well-used metal industrial cupboards. Reproduction industrial won’t quite do as the much-imitated style is so easy to recognise and not being original. You could go with tribal inspiration for your cupboard / cabinet or shelving. You’re guaranteed vibrant colours and patterns and quirkiness. Look for a grand armoire or a tribal storage chest or a quirky repurposed industrial cupboard. vintage brass cups, pots and boxes - lassi cups Bold as brass – Brass is back as an interior design trend for 2018Copper is taking a back seat this year. But it’s not the bright shiny brass you’ll see, but authentic aged and tarnished with original wear, dents, stratches and discolouration. Keep those polishing cloths well away! Look out for it on handles / drawer pulls, edges and corners of chests and trunks, as bowls / plates and lighting and of course decorative functional pieces like these vintage lassi drinking cups. vintage tables in kitchen spaces Dining tables in the kitchen. Call us traditional, but not everyone is in favour of highly structured kitchen islands. More so when all the family is eating together and facing in the same direction! No more diner style set ups. If space is challenging then an extendable table or one with drop leaves works well. A traditional table with contrasting chairs – a farmhouse table paired with mid century chairs or an industrial work table with vintage school stacking chairs. See our range of old iron tables and wooden tables. So those were our interior design trends for 2018. Of course we're not saying you should follow them to the word, but they might give you some inspitaion when considring what you may or may not want in your house. Whatever you do choose it should be what you love and not what Scaramanga or anyone else tells you. Visit our website for more vintage furniture and interiors inspiration.
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