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Interior design trends for 2024 by Scaramanga

Interior design trends for 2024 by Scaramanga

At this time of year, we always look forward to the interior design trends for 2024. We would never advise people to follow interior trends slavishly, but they are a great way to glean inspiration and information, while not dictating your home’s design.

Resist rushing out to spend lots to be 'on-trend' because they could easily fall out of trend and you may be left with an expensive piece or an entire room that you regret having spent so much on not to like anymore. Your home reflects you and the other people you live with. A home should really be about living with what you love and treasure. Sooz Gordon, Dundee-based interior designer says: ‘Home for me is about being surrounded by personal and meaningful objects. I am drawn to pieces that have character and an interesting narrative. As a designer and maker, I look for quality materials, and appreciate craftsmanship and artistry'. Read Sooz's blog about making a house a home. The image belows was styled by Sooz for Scaramanga.

Vintage bedroom interiors

Whatever you choose you can't really go wrong. Use your home space to express yourself in 2024.  We would never advise following trends for big spend pieces because they could easily fall out of trend and you may be left with a expensive piece or an entire room that you regret having spent so much on to not like anymore.

Green mid century chair

Eclectic Vintage

The opulent grandeur of over-styled maximalist interiors, our trend for 2021, don't feel quite right for now. People are looking for ‘real’ and relaxed homes. Perhaps it is because perfectly curated homes are so unrealistic. It is hard work to have to co-ordinate the overflowing decoration, artwork, accessories and furniture this style requires. It is a lot of effort. 2024 is all about making it easy and comfortable. So more authenticity and feeling like the spaces in your home are owned by you.

Vintage Kitchen

Eclectic is good. Vintage is good too. So it seems perfectly right to mix different vintage styles with modern interiors. Things do not need to be perfect. So mix styles and eras so no one style dominates. Read our blog about blending vintage and modern styles. Vivienne Westwood was so right when she said: Buy less, choose well, make it last’. So a stack of old well-used suitcases makes a side table or a collection of tropical plants in different sized old terracotta pots creates a mini tropical jungle focus in any room. So that means vintage and antique will find newer audiences as more people look to pre-loved furniture and homewares.

Earthy Hues with texture

Earthy Hues with Texture

For a tranquil and welcoming home, earthy or nature-inspired tones are taking over. Think ochre, tan, taupe, terracotta red, light pinks, and light greys are taking over living room and bedroom interiors. However, it’s also about adding texture. Flat finishes are going to be replaced with brushed or hand-applied finish. So  try Roman clay or limewash or hand-tooled plaster.

Image: small room in a Texas home designed by Lake | Flato

Something new is the use of 3-dimensional wood patterns. Perhaps panelling. Think country house-style on a smaller scale.

reclaimed wood wooden bench

Flexible, Wavy and Wonky Wood

Wood as its found in nature: Curved, wavy and wonky. Wood a simple humble material comes in so many forms and we love the idea of it looking anything but straight-edged. It could be wavy as seen in ‘live-edged’ tables and worktops or wood could be cut to give it a more regular cut wave. Designer Jason Morenikeji from And The Argonuts said: ‘At Argonauts, I immerse myself in the process of creation, cherishing the emotional richness found in old reclaimed materials’… 'The Douglas Fir bench captures the imperfect aesthetics of washed-up treasure with irregular edges'. The bench was part of a groyne sea defence in Gullane, Scotland, that was destroyed in a storm and was washed ashore. Read more about Jason's work and story @andtheargonauts

Look out for the modern interpretation of the humblest of materials as a niche but appealing interior design trend for 2024. It’s a new wave. It’s time for a more fluid curvy form for livingroom and bedroom furniture and reuse straight edged pieces elsewhere.

Sustainability has led to responsibly sourced wood for furniture. Certified wood has been the norm for several decades. Reclaimed wood are also very popular as their benefits of lower environmental impact of furniture production. It can also have more character and patina from decades or even centuries of use.


Terracotta whether unglazed or beautifully aged vibrant coloured glaze is seen across many design and architectural styles, from Italianate and Spanish to Art Deco and Arts and Crafts. Antique terracotta tiles in a hallway makes the most amazing floor beautiful emerald greens and cobalt blues and, of course, the natural shades of ochre. Smaller spaces for terracotta tiles include bathroom floors and splashback and kitchen between lower cupboard and wall cabinets.

green vintage cabinet with plants

Try ‘pops’ of terracotta with pots for tropical plants and cacti, which have seen a resurgence in recent years. They bring an easy vibrancy, texture and colour to our homes. There are so many relatively easy-to-care for varieties that creep, hang and fan-out. See our collections of hand thrown terracotta plant pots.

Green vintage armoire


We not going to apologise for adding the colour green to our top trends for 2024 again. With more ‘nature’ being introduced to our homes and spaces it hard to not talk about bringing more ‘nature’ into our homes and spaces without talking about the colour green. It really is the colour of nature. We big fans of all colours from earthy fern green to vibrant emerald to pastel turquoise greens. The colour has a definite calming and soothing effect. There is nothing more simple than pastel green walls with golden teak furniture bold prints on walls. If a painting a room green is a step too far look to create smaller areas or pockets of greenness. So vibrant textiles here or a deep green cupboard or armoire set against a satin grey polished concrete floor. Or curate clusters of potted house plants in different sized and shaped terracotta pots.  

tropical plants in terracotta pots

We hope our 2024 interior design trends have inspired you. Look for schemes or pieces that have a personal meaning and that have character. Our predictions of organic materials and shapes, Mediterranean blue, brown and brown furniture, vintage and curves do not require a huge outlay and can be tried in a small scale before you invest more. Look our vintage furniture for examples and further inspiration.

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