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Indian Street Food + Tuk Tuk Partnership | by Scaramanga

Indian Street Food + Tuk Tuk Partnership | by Scaramanga

A highlight of a trip to India for Carl are the delights of Indian street food. India food is laden with wonderful smells, tastes and colours from history, geography and culture. Street food can be found on virtually every street corner, railway stations, markets, fairs and in towns and cities up and down the country. Strictly speaking, street food is ready to eat food and drinks sold by hawkers often from portable stalls, but street food is also sold in small canteens and restaurants. It will always vary from region to region and culture to culture. Food ranges from savoy dishes called 'chaat' to sweets / /deserts, lassi and of course Indian tea chai. 2014-09-04 15.15.30 If you are looking to try Indian street food in the UK try highly recommend Tuk Tuk in Edinburgh and soon in Glasgow. For just a few pounds you can try the delights of Indian street food in a contemporary atmosphere, very different to traditional Indian restaurants and curry houses. Don't miss Tuk Tuk's Bolly booth! We have also teamed up with Tuk Tuk to offer a selection of our chai glasses and home accessories in their Edinburgh restaurant. Here are some lovely photos from them by the talented Ross Fraser McLean: ross fraser mclean ross fraser mclean ross fraser mclean scaramanga ross fraser mclean indian street food edinburgh Indian street food in the UK If you want to experience Indian street food in Delhi a good place to start would be around the traditional markets at Chandani Chowk and Chawri Bazar. Several street food vendors have been there for 3 generations. Delhi's street food is influenced by the neighbouring states Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab, as well as Mughalai cuisine. If you’re worried of eating on the street, pick up some ready-made in Haldirams, a well known, Indian canteen-like eatery which has restaurants around Delhi. If you are visiting India and do try nothing else you should try Indian tea / chai. Looking to create your own vintage inspired Indian street food or kitchen we also stock: Chai glasses and vintage chai glass holders and trays as well as spice boxes, enamel mugs, iron bowls and wooden bowls, vintage tins. See our Indian kitchenware. chai
chai wallah seller Chai seller in Rajasthan, India
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